2017 Wrap-Up and One Word 2018

Wait. Wasn’t it just January 1, 2017? Where did this year go??

2017 was a veritable tsunami of a year. I have to say I won’t be altogether sorry to see it go.

While we were busy living life, time passed unnoticed. And then when the dates change we all lift our heads and marvel at where the time went.

One big thing in my year was launching my daughter and her little family out of our house into their own place, and then a few months later, to another state. To say I will miss them is to seriously understate the situation. Three big chunks of my heart were packed up and hauled away, leaving gaping holes in my heart and life.

I continued working part-time as well, and I am blessed to truly enjoy both the work I do and the people with whom I do it.

We took one of our daughters on her first college tour. I sense more good-byes in the future and I’m taking the Scarlett O’Hara approach on that subject – I’ll think about that tomorrow.

I spent hours and hours, drove miles and miles, and spent many, many dollars in pursuit of answers for another daughter’s health problems, and this consumed a lot of my time – so much time that I don’t believe I have written on this blog for a solid year.

My word for 2017 was Open. I honestly can’t say how that has manifested in my life over the last twelve months. It really feels like I have been in survival mode all year, moving from one crisis to another.

I can say that my beliefs on certain issues have been challenged so maybe I have been more open-minded. I’m not as quick to assume that my way is the right way all the time.

I had to open my hands to let my daughter, son-in-love, and granddaughter move to another state and make their own way.

I’ve tried to be open to trying new things, even though I might not be good at them. I’m currently trying to learn brush pen calligraphy and not doing so well, but I’ll keep trying.

I finally got around to taking the Strengthsfinders assessment and the results really opened my eyes to some of my strengths and how they can be best used.

I guess Open wasn’t a complete failure.

And now it’s time to unveil my new word of the year. I don’t often have experiences where it feels like God is speaking directly to me, or like He’s whispering in my ear. However, when it came time to think about my new word, I heard it as clear as day.

FEARLESS. And not just in the “bold” sort of way:

FEAR LESS. That’s right. I’m supposed to be fearless and fear less.

You’ve probably heard that old line about how there are 365 places in the Bible where God says “do not fear” in various ways. I’m sure that’s not an accident. Just like it wasn’t an accident that I was in the Hobby Lobby store today and this sign jumped out at me.


This is very timely, because as it turns out, I have a lot of things causing fear right now. They wake me up at night and stir up my anxiety to a fever pitch and cost me restful sleep. I’m not even going to list them out because it just makes my heart beat faster, and not in a good way.

I have things to do, God’s work that I need to be about, and I cannot let fear paralyze me or build a wall around me. My daughters (and granddaughter) need to see me step out in faith to do what God has called me to do so that I can set a good example for them.

So here’s to my year of being Fearless and learning how to Fear Less!

If you choose a word for the year, or a word chooses  you, share it in the comments.