One Word 365: How’d I Do?

If you’re not familiar with the One Word 365 movement, it’s basically an alternative to making New Year’s resolutions. Participants choose a single word to focus on for the year, or sometimes the word chooses them. You can find more in-depth information and suggestions for words here. It’s definitely not too late to get on board for 2015!


My word for 2014 was MOVE, chosen partly because my family knew we would be moving from one state to another in the middle of the year. The preparation for the move and the fallout afterward consumed most of the year. We physically moved our household in June, just after school ended for my two girls still at home. And then there was the settling in that needed to happen. I’m happy to say that just six months post-move, we are involved in a church that we love and my girls are making friends. It’s my hope that the move will be something God uses in their lives to make them stronger and more confident that they can handle whatever life throws at them, as long as their trust is in Him and not in their circumstances. That’s a good lesson for me as well.

I was also hoping that I would make more of an effort to MOVE my body, as in exercise, but that didn’t happen. I did receive an activity monitor for my birthday in August, so there’s still hope. I’d like to get my teenager to walk with me a few days a week because it would give us a chance to talk and spend some constructive time together, so I’m working on that. The hardest part is actually getting myself out the door.

Another part of MOVE was the prayer that God would move my heart closer to Him. To help me memorize more scripture I took up a new hobby this year called Art Journaling. You start with a mixed media sketchbook and basically anything goes. My plan was to use my journal to illustrate Bible verses that have special meaning to me but it quickly evolved to include song lyrics, which is not surprising to anyone who knows me even a little bit. My youngest daughter quickly asked to join me because the lure of paints, stickers and glitter was just too much to resist, so the art journaling became our go-to activity in the summer whenever she was bored. I’m still trying to coax my older daughter into trying it. I think she’d love it! We’ve collected quite a bit of supplies and have gotten quite good at certain art techniques. Here a couple of my favorite pages from this year:

Let Your Light Shine

Let Your Light Shine


Live Worthy

Live Worthy

A Page From Quinn's Book

A Page From Quinn’s Book


MOVE was a bit of a slam-dunk for me and I knew that when I chose it. I knew I’d at least accomplish the interstate move, right? But God has moved my heart this year too and shown me that He can be seen and worshipped in more ways than I thought.

I take the lessons I learned this year with me into the new one. Tomorrow I’ll post about my word for 2015 and it scares me a little, y’all.


4 thoughts on “One Word 365: How’d I Do?

  1. Kudos on a great theme for 2014. MOVE was also my word but I felt that while some things did happen and movement were made in the right direction…I felt like I spent most of the year waiting for things to happen. So my word for 2015 scares me but I think it will be the best all around. So Happy Everything to you for 2015.

    • I love how the challenge doesn’t delve into resolutions that will be forgotten in a week, but instead prompts us to think about one aspect of our lives and make small changes accordingly. And I love your word choice of Wonder!

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