31 Days, Day 31: The Best of the Rest

photo credit: fotolog.com

photo credit: fotolog.com

It’s the end.  But not really.  There is so much great music from the 1970s that there’s no way I can show some love to all the songs that meant something to me.  I didn’t even get to touch on some of the country acts that crossed over, like Kenny Rogers, Crystal Gayle, and Barbara Mandrell. So I will leave you with a list of songs I wanted to showcase but then I ran out of time. And I’m sure I’ll find a way to bring up a song or two on the blog in the course of my regular writing. So, for your listening pleasure:

Silly Love Songs by Paul McCartney & Wings (Paul was always my favorite Beatle)

Heartbeat It’s a Love Beat by Tony DeFranco & the DeFranco Family (Teen idol alert!)

Blinded by the Light by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band (where’d they find that name?)

Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad by Meat Loaf

Afternoon Delight by The Starland Vocal Band (Scandalous!)

My Eyes Adored You by Frankie Valli

How Much I Feel by Ambrosia

Baby Come Back by Player (Ridge from “The Bold and The Beautiful” was in the this band. He’s in the orange/red shirt in the video.)

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot

Wildfire by Michael Martin Murphy

If You Leave Me Now by Chicago (Oh, Peter Cetera, you slay me!)

Sara Smile by Hall & Oates

The Logical Song by Supertramp (Genius!)

Black Water by the Doobie Brothers

Fooled Around and Fell in Love by Elvin Bishop

That should keep us all busy for a while. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little detour. I know I have. I chose this topic for my 31 Days series because I knew it was one that had a nearly endless supply of material and it would be easy for me. It was pretty easy except for all the links I had to find and add, and then sometimes I’d get mired down in YouTube watching more videos and YouTube likes to suggest similar videos and before I knew it an hour had passed.

This is the part where I should tie everything up neatly into a little bundle and talk about what I’ve learned. I don’t have any great wisdom to impart except to say that music is a gift from God and it is so much a part of my memories that I hear a soundtrack playing whenever I tell stories from my childhood. It amazes me how a tune can bring back sounds, smells, and feelings that I had long since forgotten, both good and bad ones.

So I’d like to sign off with the words of the inimitable Casey Kasem, whose American Top 40 countdown was so much a part of my childhood: “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.” And I would add, “Keep the music playing.”




One thought on “31 Days, Day 31: The Best of the Rest

  1. I know what you mean…I have spent a lot of time this month listening to your songs and finding others of my own…now it’s time to get back to what I should be doing, but I will miss your songs in my inbox every day 🙂 Thanks for the memories Kim!

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