31 Days: Day 28: Funny, Cute, and Just Plain Weird

I had so many songs that I wanted to discuss but it seems I’m running out of time.  I seriously could write about 70’s music for a year and never run out of things to say.  But I do have other subjects to blog about so this series must eventually come to an end.

Today I want to remind you about some of the funny, cute and/or weird songs of the decade.  Hopefully you’ll end up with a smile on your face.

Nobody in the 1970’s did “funny” like Ray Stevens AND he was clean. Sort of. In 1974 he released The Streak and paid homage to a fad called “streaking”.  Don’t pretend you don’t know what it is.  My Grandma Tunie just loved this song, especially at the end when he was hollering for Ethel to put her clothes back on. I was only 10 in 1974 and thought the whole idea of streaking was mortifying so I didn’t fully “get it” until years later.  Ray Stevens also looked something like my uncle Wendell which further muddied the waters for me.

And then there was Tom T. Hall, who recorded I Love, a song celebrating, among other things, little baby ducks and old pickup tracks. He also did one about Sneaky Snake and Old Dogs, Children & Watermelon Wine, which wasn’t necessarily funny but is still a good story song.

Jim Stafford took his turn with the snakes on Spiders and Snakes.  I don’t like them either, Mr. Stafford. He sang one about My Girl Bill, which is not about what you think it’s about. And then he sang about Cow Patty and the Swamp Witch as well. I love that he sometimes gets the giggles while he’s singing.

I will admit to knowing every single word of Mac Davis’ ode to egotism, Hard to be Humble.(caution: mild language in that video)

Joe Walsh of Eagles’ fame put his own spin on the trials of fame in Life’s Been Good. I do admire his and Mac Davis’ ability to poke fun at themselves and their own celebrity status. And Joe Walsh is a fantastically talented guitarist.  I’m not going to comment on his vocal ability or his fashion sense in this video because my Mama always said if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

And finally, because I have to end somewhere or I could go on and on, here’s one of my favorite underrated bands 10cc.  They make it into this post because their song I’m Not in Love is four minutes of flat-out sarcasm.  Or lying.  Or he’s just confused. I guess it depends on your point of view. I don’t know how “big boys don’t cry” fits into the whole concept though. They also recorded The Things We Do For Love, another of my favorites although it doesn’t fit into the “Funny” category.

Can you think of any other funny songs of the era?


4 thoughts on “31 Days: Day 28: Funny, Cute, and Just Plain Weird

  1. My kids all love Tom T. Hall. We met him once several years ago, unfortunately, he wasn’t as nice as his songs. On the other hand, my brother and I met Ray Stevens at my Uncle’s wedding when we were kids and he was FABULOUS. I also LOVE the songs he’s doing now. Just singing Mac Davis the other day…love me some 10cc; especially The Things We do For Love…good ones Kim!

    • Really? I’m sorry to hear Tom T. wasn’t as cuddly as he seems in his music. I’d love to have Ray Stevens over for dinner – I bet he’d be a stitch! 10cc seems to be one of those bands that didn’t get the attention they deserved. Supertramp is another one. Thanks for hanging in there with me!

  2. I made my 15 year old daughter laugh, and look at me kind-of funny the other day when I broke out in Mac Davis’ Hard to be Humble. ;-D Love all your choices today!

    • I love that one! Oh, the irony! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. I know these last few posts are going to be like shotgun blasts of songs and links – kind of overwhelming.

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