31 Days, Day 27: Love Will Keep Us Together by The Captain and Tennille

captian-tennillePhoto Credit:  radaronline.com

Love Will Keep Us Together by The Captain and Tennille

I thought Tennille was such an interesting name I will admit to being a little disappointed when I found out her first name was actually Toni.  The Captain, however, had the uber-cool name of Daryl Dragon and it’s his real name.  Awesome!

If you remember 1975, you remember that this song was everywhere.  It was followed up with a string of hits, such as Muskrat Love (what is that even about??), Lonely Night, The Way That I Want to Touch You, Shop Around, and Do That to Me One More Time.  They also had a short-lived TV show, which ended when they asked to be released from their contracts in order to pursue their music and touring.  I do remember watching the show and listening for The Captain to say something – anything – because he rarely spoke.  I guess he is the strong silent (very silent!) type. Toni Tennille’s round bob was as iconic as the Captain’s hat, and all of my attempts to replicate her hairstyle were epic fails.  I never looked good in heavy bangs anyway.

Back in the day they both worked and toured with The Beach Boys, and Toni sang backup for some pretty heavy hitters, including Elton John.

In a stroke of irony, and not the funny kind, it turns out that love was not enough to keep them together because in January of this year, Tennille filed for divorce after 39 years of marriage.

I’m starting to panic a little here because I’m running out of days and I still have so much music to talk about!  So for the last few days I’m going to combine several songs/acts in each post.  Even so I’ll be leaving out a LOT of very good music. On Day 31 I’ll hit you with The Best of the Rest, so if you haven’t seen your favorite yet it may show up in the final blast.  Are we having fun yet?

2 thoughts on “31 Days, Day 27: Love Will Keep Us Together by The Captain and Tennille

  1. We’re having fun Kim! Captain and Tennille were two of my favorites! I however, was under the impression they had separated many years ago, sad to hear that they had stayed together 39 years.

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