31 Days, Day 26: If by Bread

Photo credit:  last.fm

Photo credit: last.fm


If by Bread

I loved the guitar melody and admired Mr. Gates’ ability to hit notes that didn’t come easily to a girl with an alto range. And who wouldn’t love to think that someone could feel this way about her one day?

I had a Best of Bread cassette tape (or was it an 8-track? Either way I’m further dating myself.) and played it endlessly.  Then when CDs were the thing, I bought the collection on CD.  Something about their soft rock sound just soothes the soul.

There was a lot of friction between the band members and the band broke up in the mid 80’s, but reunited in 1976 to record an album called Lost Without Your Love, which I owned on a 45. I guess goodbye doesn’t always mean forever, right?

Speaking of goodbye, after the band broke up the first time David Gates had a solo hit with the theme from The Goodbye Girl, which I also loved.  I think he has a very distinctive voice and style, and just listen to his accent when he talks with Dick Clark on this clip.  He’s from Oklahoma – can you tell?

Trivia Alert:  David Gates and Bread appeared on The Hardy Boys TV show, with Mr. Day 22, Shaun Cassidy.  The clip isn’t great quality and skips around a bit but it’s like a walk down memory lane, at least it is for me.  They just don’t make shows like that any more, do they?


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