31 Days, Day 25: Don’t Give Up on Us by David Soul


Don’t Give Up on Us on David Soul

David Soul is perhaps best known for his role as “Hutch” on the TV series Starsky and Hutch.  You might also remember that he played the lead in a movie called Salem’s Lot based on a book by horror-master Stephen King.  I watched it and it scared the whoopsie right out of me! (that was back when I liked having the whoopsie scared out of me so I watched horror movies all the time. Nowadays even the ads for scary movies creep me out.)  He released this song in 1976 while Starsky and Hutch was in its heyday and it went all the way to #1.  He released another song called Silver Lady that didn’t do quite so well.  Eventually he must have decided that England was more to his taste because he became a British citizen in 2004.

I don’t think I can overestimate just how much I loved this song.  I didn’t even mind the sappy lyrics about “it” being written in the moonlight and painted on the stars, “it” being, apparently, fate.  I do have to admit, however, that I raise a skeptical eyebrow when I hear those words come out of the mouth of a man who has been married FIVE, count ’em, FIVE times.  Clearly fate has nothing to do with his choice of mates.

I love this video too, because it’s just oozing with earnestness.  Look at those baby blues gazing sincerely into the camera!  Don’t give up on us, baby.  We can still come through.  David Soul is an actor and he really sells this one.  I’d forgive him.  Maybe he really lost his head last night and I have a right to stop believing but there’s still a little love left even so.

This song is dear to me for another, very personal reason. Back in 2005, when we were in China adopting our youngest daughter, we spent a lot of time at a Guangzho restaurant called Lucy’s.  Lucy’s attraction for us lay in the fact that their menu boasted some very American-sounding options, and after nearly two weeks in China we were homesick for chicken tenders and fries.  Their version was called “Chicken in a Basket” but basically consisted of chicken tenders and crinkle fries served in – what else? – a basket. There was no honey mustard sauce to be found and the chicken didn’t compare to O’Charley’s or even KFC but it was plenty good enough for us.  Lucy’s had a background music track that ran on a loop and contained a grand total of about four songs, all from the 1970’s.  This song was one of them.  I had to wonder if the owners of Lucy’s thought that was representative of the music we listened to in the States in 2005. (Also, just in case you think we were all “ugly & rude American” while we were in China, we were not.  We ate plenty of authentic Chinese food, which, by the way, is not the same as the Chinese food you find in the US.  But I digress.)

In the end David Soul made his mark on the world in the acting world and not the music world, even though he started out as a singer on the Merv Griffin Show.  I think maybe it was difficult for the world to take Hutch seriously as a vocalist.  The world was all:  Get back to solving crimes already! Starsky and Huggy Bear aren’t interested in singing back up on your world concert tour.  More detecting, less reflecting.


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