31 Days, Day 23: I Only Want to Be With You by The Bay City Rollers

Photo Credit: bobgruen.com

Photo Credit: bobgruen.com

I Only Want to Be With You by The Bay City Rollers

Ah, the boys from Scotland! Since my ancestors hailed from the land of lochs and haggis, I had a soft spot for these guys.  I didn’t even mind the endless array of plaid.  My favorite was Derek, who played the drums and seemed like a strong, silent type.  Plus he was blond.

As the story goes. The Bay City Rollers got their name when they randomly threw a dart at a map of the US and it landed on Bay City, Michigan. Weirdly, (or maybe not, when you consider the area) in Los Angeles they celebrate Bay City Rollers Day in April.  The guys released several singles, including another favorite called Saturday Night, and inspired a phenomenon called (you guessed it) “Rollermania”.

Back in 1978 BCR (plus their adorable accents and lamentable man-gauchos) starred on a Saturday morning TV show produced by Sid & Marty Krofft.  Back in the day, kids, we didn’t have cable or Disney channel or Nickelodeon.  We watched cartoons on Saturday morning because that’s the only time they were on, and woe unto you if you missed them because there was no DVR or even videotape to watch later. The Kroffts were the creative geniuses (genii?) behind HR Pufnstuf.  Remember that show? I’m fairly sure it caused more than its share of nightmares. That’s what we watched on Sunday mornings when we didn’t go to church. And now you have the theme song in your head.  You’re welcome.

Anyway, I found a more recent photo of the band:

They’ve lost some hair, but the plaid… the plaid remains the same.

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