31 Days, Day 22: Da Doo Ron Ron by Shaun Cassidy

Photo Credit: wikipedia.com

Photo Credit: wikipedia.com

Da Doo Ron Ron by Shaun Cassidy

What does that even mean?  Da Doo Ron Ron, I mean.  It’s just proof that a pretty boy can come along and sing gibberish and some girls will just fall all over him.  I had this album (yes!  I evolved from 45s to actual albums!) and cannot tell you how many hours I spent staring at that cover.  I probably owe Shaun an apology because out of boredom I doodled on mine and he ended up with all sorts of ink enhancements on his face.  I do still have the album, by the way.

The link above is Shaun singing live on a TV show.  Here is a link that is just a lot of pretty pictures of him with the song in the background.  Seriously, he would have made a lovely girl.

But let’s talk about that live video.  Who on earth advised him to wear those unfortunate white satin pants?  And you have to love how he has his shirt unbuttoned almost to his waist.

Besides his singing career (I had three albums of his), Shaun is well known for starring in the TV series The Hardy Boys.  He was Joe Hardy, one half of a pair of detective brothers, while Parker Stevenson played Frank. By the time The Hardy Boys came along every girl under the age of 18 (and quite a few above it) was in love with Shaun Cassidy so I declared myself a member of Team Parker Stevenson because I don’t like a lot of competition where boys are concerned. Do you remember The Hardy Boys the show? Check this out! I forgot that Joe got to sing on the show so much.  Also I am surprised (and yet not) that when I listened to these songs I recalled every. single. word.  There are a lot of Hardy Boys show clips out there on YouTube if you want to see more.

After his teen idol status waned, Shaun turned to writing and producing and he has been quite successful behind the scenes.  He has managed to avoid scandal, unlike some others we know.  I’m looking at you, David Cassidy.

Shaun is, as you may know, the half-brother of yesterday’s honoree, David Cassidy.  In 1995 they appeared together on Broadway in a show called Blood Brothers, and I found an episode of Regis & Kathie Lee with the brothers promoting their play.  It’s a little long but the brothers sing together so it’s worth watching for that alone.  I enjoyed watching the interaction between them during the interview part and trying to detect some sibling rivalry.

Are we tired of teen idols yet?  I hope not, because I have a couple more to go. 🙂


2 thoughts on “31 Days, Day 22: Da Doo Ron Ron by Shaun Cassidy

  1. I was definitely team Shaun; had his name written on the bottom of my black and white saddle Oxford shoes .( they were cool at my school in 8th grade?) but I rarely got to watch the Hardy Boys– I think it came on Sunday night and we were ALWAYS at church. He aged much better than David.;)

  2. You are doing a great job with these songs! Oh, those white silk pants! All I can think of is how he must have had static electricity in those pants. ahahha!

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