31 Days, Day 19: When I Need You by Leo Sayer


When I Need You by Leo Sayer

Hey, Leo!  The 70s called…they want their hair back!  Actually, I believe my Uncle Don had hair just like that when I was little.

I thought long and hard about using Leo’s biggest hit for this post but in the end I decided to go with my favorite of his songs.  You Make Me Feel Like Dancing, by the way, was recorded as a kind of joke during a jam session.  It’s cool how he switches from falsetto to his normal voice and vice versa.

I did not know that he was British, and during my research I discovered that he worked with Roger Daltrey of The Who early on.  Also, when he first started his singing career, he dressed up in a Pierrot costume to match the mood of his songs.  I kid you not:


Thankfully he dropped that little detail from his act, because some people are scared, or at least unnerved, by clowns.  No one we know, of course.

Anyway, I love, love, loved this sweet ballad about being apart from the one you love, or lost love, or something like that.

Fun little tidbit:  Mr. Sayer’s name was originally Gerry, but he was nicknamed “Leo” by a friend because of his leonine mane.  And rightly so, I’d say.  I’ll take the afro over the sad clown look any day.

2 thoughts on “31 Days, Day 19: When I Need You by Leo Sayer

  1. Much better with the ‘fro. He does have a smooth sound, but just standing there doesn’t make him much of an entertainer, maybe that’s why he thought he needed to dress up.

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