31 Days, Day 14: Let Her In by John Travolta

johntravoltaLet Her In by John Travolta

The year was 1976.  “Welcome Back, Kotter” was a hit show on television, and John Travolta played the role of Vinnie Barbarino, sort of an empty-headed pretty boy.

Most people didn’t know he put out a single record years before “Grease” came out and he sang on the soundtrack.  We knew he could dance because of Saturday Night Fever (a movie I will get to on another day).  In fact, in this video you can see echoes of some of his SNF moves. I don’t know why his singing career never took off, but he is a better actor than singer so I guess it all worked out.

My stepsister had this 45 and we played it over and over on our parents’ big console record player/television/cassette player/radio.  It’s a simple song with an unfortunate little warbly thing on “open up” (intended, but still unfortunate) but very sweet.

And this video.  I can’t even.  It’s like going back in time!  The girl whose hair Dick Clark pointed out?  I did my bangs the same way and plastered them down with hairspray.  Seeing a young Dick Clark with that white microphone reminds me of all the Saturdays I stayed home so I could watch American Bandstand.  Good times.

2 thoughts on “31 Days, Day 14: Let Her In by John Travolta

  1. I forgot that John Travolta sang on anything but Grease! He had a great range. I do remember that album cover. I love the interview after he sang, very funny. He was just a normal guy living life. I just watched “Boy in the Plastic Bubble” last night. Good 70’s movie from around this same time.

    Feathered hair plastered, so thankful it has never come back into style! I could never get it to look right. And LOOK at DC will you? He WAS young once, I always thought he looked young, but I don’t remember him being young.

    • Dick Clark and AB was such a part of my growing up! I had forgotten about Boy in the Plastic Bubble, but I totally remember watching that. I didn’t understand the appeal of Welcome Back, Kotter, but it’s easy to understand the appeal of John Travolta. He looks so innocent – long before Scientology got hold of him.

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