31 Days, Day 13: Run, Joey, Run by David Geddes

davidgeddesRun, Joey, Run by David Geddes

Apparently I have a soft spot for story songs.

This song is so dramatic and just a tad overdone that it’s easy to skip over the description of parental abuse.  Julie’s Dad was so mad that he left bruises on her face, but as you’ll see later on, the guy has an anger issue.  I always assumed Julie was pregnant and when she told her Dad he went all nutso, but in listening to it today I noticed pregnancy is never mentioned.  Well it was certainly a different era back then, wasn’t it?  Morals were a little higher, as I recall, and Julie’s Dad had certain expectations of his daughter that weren’t met.  We hear all those jokes about Daddies and their daughters, and how they’ll just be sitting there cleaning their shotguns until he brings her home fro their date.  Not so funny now, is it?  Just ask poor Julie and Joey.

This song was covered by the cast of Glee.  I don’t know how I missed it, because I’ve been all about Glee ever since it premiered, but if you want to watch it you can see their version here.  (RIP Cory Monteith – another one gone too soon)

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