31 Days, Day 11: Lyin’ Eyes by The Eagles

Lyin’ Eyes by The Eagles

Nowadays this song would probably qualify as country, but back in the day it was solidly in the “pop” category.

I love a lot of The Eagles songs but this one holds a lot of sentimental value for me.  It’s another one of those songs we’d play on the jukebox at the restaurant where my mother waited tables.  The distinction here is that my stepfather actually liked this one, and he didn’t like any of the other choices we usually played.  This means that he was much more willing to give us jukebox money if we told him we wanted to play Lyin’ Eyes.  I always wondered if he felt a connection to the lyrics for some reason.

Then again, he was a country fan so it probably appealed to him due to the style alone.  I think the subject matter is just incredibly sad though – a young girl who married for money and is now miserable and looking for affection elsewhere.  Of course, as we all know, you can’t hide your lyin’ eyes, so she’s bound to be found out.  This situation cannot possibly end well.

The Eagles were a fantastically talented group of musicians, many of whom went on to solo success after the group broke up.  You might even see one or two of them in the next twenty days’ blog posts, but you’ll have to wait and see which one.  🙂  This video is such a picture of its time.  After all, nothing says 1970s like a white man with an afro.  I’m looking at you, Don Henley.

2 thoughts on “31 Days, Day 11: Lyin’ Eyes by The Eagles

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  2. There were lots of good Glen Frey tunes! I had forgotten all about Terry Jacks nice mellow sound… it was such an upbeat song to be so depressing. It’s interesting to search these guys now and see what they’re doing now. Great picks Kim!

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