31 Days, Day 9: Should’ve Never Let You Go by Neil & Dara Sedaka


Should’ve Never Let You Go by Neil & Dara Sedaka

Here’s one of those songs that didn’t necessarily get a lot of airplay, but boy did I love it.  It’s a little weird to think about this ode to lost love being sung by a father/daughter duo, isn’t it?  Dara Sedaka more than holds her own with her famous and oh-so-talented father.  I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

And Neil Sedaka?  The guy is a music machine!  He’s older than my mother and he’s still touring – can you believe that?  He was a teen idol in the 1950s and wrote who knows how many hit songs for other people besides the ones he recorded himself.  I started looking on his website at his discography and the sheer number of albums he’s recorded is amazing.  I love the duet with his daughter, but I also really like this one too.

I used to wish I had a famous father who could maybe give me a leg up into the music industry.  But while I didn’t have a famous Dad, I DID have am amazing stepfather who tried his best to encourage the artist in me.  He didn’t pretend to understand or like the kind of music I listened to.  You may recall that he mercilessly slandered Barry Manilow and his nose.  My stepdad sang in Southern Gospel quartets off and on during my growing up years, and he distrusted Amy Grant’s brand of Christian music. and he didn’t hesitate to tell me so.  I was shy and awkward as a teenager (weren’t we all?) and although I sang in the high school choir and the Pop Group (your school might have called it something else, but you had to audition for this group) I wasn’t brave enough to go out for all the big parts in the school musicals or the solos.  My stepdad always made a point of telling me that as good as I thought the “star” of the show might be, I had the talent to do the very same thing.  He told me I was a good singer.  You can’t overstate how important that is to a young girl, to have her father or “father figure” give her a sincere compliment.

My stepfather passed away when my middle daughter was only two years old, but it amuses to think about what he’d say about the popular music we hear today.  And I know he’d be incredibly proud to see that she’s carrying on the family tradition of praising God with her vocal talents, even though he’d probably dismiss the style as “that contemporary junk”.


3 thoughts on “31 Days, Day 9: Should’ve Never Let You Go by Neil & Dara Sedaka

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  2. It never ceases to amaze me how much we love the same songs– I had the sheet music to this( gasp!) even with the d— word in the lyrics!;) I think it was one of the most under-rated songs he ever recorded; and looooved that a teenager got to sing with her famous dad.:-)

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