31 Days, Day 4: Magic Man by Heart


Magic Man by Heart

Before the Go-Gos and the Bangles, there was Heart.  Ann and Nancy Wilson were groundbreakers in the world of rock.  They led the band, wrote the songs, played the instruments, and in Ann’s case, provided some of the most recognizable vocals in the industry.

I loved this song because…well, I kind of wanted my own magic man to come along.  Granted, I was still in elementary school when the song came out but even I caught a whiff of the forbidden in the lyrics, with her Mama trying to get her to come home.  It holds memories for me of the jukebox in the little diner where my mother waited tables, and I would visit with my stepdad and stepsister on Saturdays while Mom was working.  He would give us quarters for the jukebox and this is one of the songs I’d play week after week while we enjoyed our cheeseburgers and fries.  Good times.

But there’s something else about Heart that is memorable for me.  I was long used to male rock bands with their screaming guitars and throbbing drums, but I don’t think it had crossed my mind that women could play that way too.  I loved to sing even then although I usually stuck to the slow ballad-y songs.  Heart opened up a whole new style option for me.

And I haven’t even mentioned the revolutionary idea that sisters can not only play together and get along, they can play music together and still get along.  I can’t even get mine to play cards together and get along.


One thought on “31 Days, Day 4: Magic Man by Heart

  1. Well, now… glad you included Heart because they are my all time favorite band. I have met them in person a few times and that was awesome! Keep Rockin’!

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