31 Days of Sentimental, Silly, Sweet, and Sometimes Sappy 70’s Songs


I think I must be missing the “serious” gene.  There are so many lovely and useful subjects I could choose to write about for 31 days straight, and instead I choose to regale my readers with a compendium of 1970’s songs that have stuck with me for one reason or another. (Yes, I know a few big words. I’ll stop showing off now.) I’m joining The Nester and a whole bunch of amazing writers to write for 31 days on a subject of our choosing.  This is my second year attempting the challenge.  I didn’t finish it last year, which is ironic considering my subject:  31 Days of Procrastination.

I love music, always have. I’ve heard it, sung it, memorized it, collected it and enjoyed it throughout my life. When I was a young teenager I even recorded it off the radio on one of those black cassette recorders. You know the ones:


I think I still have a few of those old cassettes around here somewhere. I felt like my life had a soundtrack because there was always music around me. Like many other people I know, certain songs can bring back such vivid memories they can take you back to a particular moment in time just like a musical time machine. Or is that just me? Anyway. I grew up in the 1970’s and my musical tastes were wildly varied and ranged from the soft pop of Donny Osmond to the disco of the mid to late 70’s to the more “rock” sounds of REO Speedwagon, not to mention the occasional country song.  Every Saturday I would turn on my radio and listen to the American Top 40 (with Casey Kasem, may he rest in peace) and write. every. song. down.  I can’t even tell you why I wrote them down but I did.

For the next 31 days I’m diving into the archives to bring you some musical memories from the 1970’s. I’m going to try to include a link to the song so you can either listen if you’ve never heard it, or refresh your memory if it’s been a while. I’ll add my commentary and maybe even a little trivia, because for some reason I can remember vast amounts of trivia even if I can’t always remember where I put my car keys, and sometimes I’ll share a memory that the song brings to my mind. If it’s one of your favorites I’d love to hear your memories of it.

So read along, tap along and sing along as we stroll our way down a musical memory lane.


Day 1:  Ben by Michael Jackson

Day 2:  You’re So Vain by Carly Simon

Day 3:  Shannon by Henry Gross

Day 4:  Magic Man by Heart

Day 5:  The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia by Vicki Lawrence

Day 6:  I Write the Songs by Barry Manilow

Day 7:  Take My Breath Away by Rex Smith

Day 8:  Yesterday Once More by The Carpenters

Day 9:  Should’ve Never Let You Go by Neil & Dara Sedaka

Day 10:  Seasons in the Sun by Terry Jacks

Day 11:  Lyin’ Eyes by The Eagles

Day 12:  Billy, Don’t Be a Hero by Bo Donaldson and The Heywoods

Day 13:  Run, Joey, Run by David Geddes

Day 14:  Let Her In by John Travolta

Day 15:  Beth by Kiss

Day 16:  Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Day 17:  Annie’s Song by John Denver

Day 18:  Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel

Day 19:  When I Need You by Leo Sayer

Day 20:  Puppy Love by Donny Osmond

Day 21:  I Think I Love You by The Partridge Family

Day 22:  Da Doo Ron Ron by Shaun Cassidy

Day 23:  I Only Want to Be With You by The Bay City Rollers

Day 24:  Runaround Sue by Leif Garrett

Day 25:  Don’t Give Up on Us by David Soul

Day 26:  If by Bread

Day 27:  Love Will Keep Us Together by The Captain and Tennille

Day 28:  Funny, Cute, and Just Plain Weird

Day 29:  Get Up and DANCE!

Day 30:  Soundtracks and Storytellers

Day 31:  The Best of the Rest


6 thoughts on “31 Days of Sentimental, Silly, Sweet, and Sometimes Sappy 70’s Songs

  1. What a FUN topic! I too remember Casey and recorded songs off the radio with my cassette player too. Memories? some of which I wish I could erase, but overall good times, fun music from that time. Look forward to reading some of your posts this month.

  2. What a delightful idea! My second dad loved 70s music, and he had a wonderful singing voice. Sometimes, when the right song comes on, I can almost hear him singing along with it. I’m bookmarking your page. I look forward to reading everything!

  3. I can see I am going to LOVE your 31 days topic! I am a child of the 70’s, and I have always associated the songs that were playing with special moments. I can still hear Shambala by Three Dog Night playing as we were exiting the highway coming home from our best family vacation.

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