31 Days, Day 1: Ben by Michael Jackson


Ben by Michael Jackson

Such a sweet song!  A 14 year old MJ sings his heart out in this ballad about friendship with a….rat. What a waste of a good song! I was still in elementary school when the movie and song came out in 1972, so I never saw the movie but my older stepsister did and once she described the storyline to me I wasn’t interested in ever seeing it. But the song was so lovely and poignant, reminding Ben that he always had a place to go and a friend he could count on – despite the fact that he was a killer rat.  I guess even cold-blooded murderous rodents need companionship. Just don’t turn your back on Ben. He’s got other friends of his own kind and they’d just as soon snack on you as sway along to your music. The swaying trick only works on cobras, and even then probably only in the movies.

If you’re interested in the movie (though I can’t imagine why), you can read about it here.

Just look at Michael Jackson in this video. He really had amazing talent, and he looks so normal. He’s such a cutie pie! What happened to him??? He doesn’t even look like the person he was before his untimely death but I can see the resemblance in his eyes. So sad.

(And totally off the subject, I apologize on behalf of the entire decade for the fashion – and I use that term loosely – you see on Michael in this video. The flowers! The bell bottoms! The patchwork! The polyester! The fringe! The Texas-sized collars! All I can say is one day our grandchildren will snicker at their parents’ skinny jeans and hoodies. In 1972 this was what cool looked like, people.)

Here he is just seven years later singing what is probably my favorite MJ song of all time. The video is simple and spare, so what’s on display is his voice and the emotion he puts into the song.  Also, the song appears to be about an actual human this time and the only questionable fashion choice on display is the debatable pairing of purple with turquoise. (Caution: there is one mild swear word in the song.) Whatever else Michael Jackson may have been (and I won’t get into that here), no one can deny that he was incredibly talented. Even when singing about rats.

2 thoughts on “31 Days, Day 1: Ben by Michael Jackson

    • It sure doesn’t sound like it should be, does it? It’s played over the closing credits of the movie “Ben” and the movie is definitely about a rat named Ben. Ew! Glad you came by, though. 🙂

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