Five Minute Friday: Hold

Lately it seems the only time I write is Friday, when I link up with brave writers all over the world to write for five minutes, just five, on the same one word prompt.  Hopefully it’s just a season and soon I’ll be back here spilling my guts and asking tough questions much more frequently.  Anyway, if you want to play along with the FMF crowd, check out Kate’s blog here.

Mark Schultz sings a great song about raising children called “Roots and Wings”.  There’s a line in it that says, “it’s only for a moment you were mine to hold” and I’ve heard it reverberating in my head the past few months.  It seems like only yesterday my girls were babies and now none of them are even remotely babyish.  As I get older time appears to speed up.  Those days that felt endless with a grumpy teething baby and napping and diapers and mess after mess, well they take on a soft glow when I look back at them now.

My oldest is grown with a not-so-little one of her own.  I look at her and can still see the face of my first and so adored baby girl.

My middle one is on the cusp of becoming a young lady.  It pains me yet brings me such joy to watch her growing up.  One day she was lining up 75 My Little Ponies and sorting them by color, and now look at her:


My baby…well, just don’t call her “baby” within her hearing.  She may be double digits but she’s still on the small side, and she still needs me.  A lot.  Sometimes I chafe against all that neediness, but then I think about how I’m going to miss it when it goes, as it inevitably will.  What will I do when I’m not actively, daily mothering?  What will I be?

And while I want to hold on to all three of them with both hands, it’s my job to let them go.  I’ve done it once.  You’d think that might make it easier but it really doesn’t, because now i know what letting go means.  We hold them for a moment and then we let them fly.


6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Hold

  1. I am right there with you girl. Both of mine are in their 20’s now and I fight so hard to not only let go but keep from trying to grab them back. However, it is amazing to see them become all God has created them to be.

  2. hi kim, i found you on fmf:) we have a lot in common including 3 daughters. i’m just a little further down the road than you. our older 2 are in their 40’s with 5 children between them. our youngest has a few years to go and she’ll be 40 as well. she has 2 so we have a total of 7 grands:) talk about the time flying:) wow! it goes incredibly fast.

    learning to give them wings and trust GOD to care for them when we aren’t around? it is priceless for sure! but if He can’t care for them, how can we think we can do a better job?

    i enjoyed your post:)

  3. I used to laugh when my mom called me her baby, when I was full grown. Now, with 3 between 19 and 12, I get it. My oldest reminds me she is not a child or a baby when I slip into that vernacular, but it is hard to see past their sweet little faces of the past. I am glad you joined the link up and wrote, even if it is for 5 min. today. May He open the door for your day to be full of His many blessings.

  4. Letting them go is hard even when you can see the promise in more time and freedom. I have one across the ocean in Mexico and one about to go to college. It’s hard and rewarding, lonely yet enriching as they bring others into our family circle. Loving them and letting them go, showing them the right path but leaving them free to choose. Not easy!

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