Five Minute Friday: Tell

Life is crazy these days, but I’ve been writing this post in my mind ever since I read the prompt last Thursday night..  Five Minute Friday is an online gathering of some of the best and bravest writers in the world, where we write for five minutes on the same one-word prompt.  If you want to play along, check out Kate’s blog for all the details.

Tell me your story.  I want to hear it.

Use words, use body language, but more than that, use your life.  I promise to listen.

Tell me when you first met Jesus and what led you there.

I want to know how following Him has changed you.

I need to hear what God has done for you.  How He saved you, how He’s saved you over and over since then, from bullies and betrayals and bad decisions.  Tell me about it, because He’s saved me too.

Tell me what passions He’s set on fire in your heart.  I need to know because we might share them.

Tell me what dreams keep you up at night, those God-sized things that stretch impossibly big and can only be reached if we stand on His shoulders.  I want to know.

Tell me what breaks your heart and what heals it – the things that make you cry and the ones that make you laugh.  I need to know these things so I can pray for you and so we can build a relationship.

Because you know what?  God made us for relationship.  First with Him, and then with each other.

You can trust me with your stories, I promise. 

And if you ask me to, I will gladly tell you mine.

One thought on “Five Minute Friday: Tell

  1. oh, friend… can I tell you how much I wish I was headed to Allume again this October! I would love to sit with you and hear your stories and tell you some of mine… I’m not so good on facebook, twitter, voxer, long distance. I need a face to face, with cup of coffee in hand. If you ever make it north, let me know!!

    “tell me the story of Jesus, write on my heart every word….”

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