So Long, Forties!

Today I say good-bye to my forties.  It was a good decade – far better than I expected when I turned 40.  I always hate when someone asks me where I see myself in five years, or ten years, because there are just too many variables to make an educated guess.  For instance, if you had asked me that question on August 13, 2004, I would have never pictured myself in suburban Richmond, Virginia, yet that’s exactly where I sit today.  There was just no way to know.  I had no inkling back then that I would start a blog.  Wait a minute.  Did blogs even exist ten years ago?  Probably so, but if I’d had one it would have been handwritten in a cute journal with lined pages.  Ten years ago fifty seemed ancient and used up, yet here I stand on the threshold and it suddenly seems ripe with possibilities.  I am not done yet.  God is still moving in me and I believe He still wants to use me.

So what happened in my forties?  Let’s see…I moved from the only state I have ever lived in to South Carolina, and then I moved again, this time to Virginia.  I never saw that one coming. 


I adopted my third child, which necessitated my first passport and my first ever trip to another country.


I married off my oldest daughter and gained a son in my son-in-law.


I became a grandmother to the cutest little girl ever.


I accepted the title of writer.

I traveled.  In the past year alone I’ve been in South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, DC, Kentucky, Wisconsin, even briefly in New York (but only in the airport).  That doesn’t sound like a lot of places, but it was a lot of trips – some of those states saw us twice or more.

I started a book club, which became my tribe of closest friends.  I made new friends, lost touch with other friends, reunited with old friends, and maintained bonds that transcended time and distance. 

Those are just some of the highlights.  I could go on all day.  God has been so very good to me, and I don’t say that at all lightly.

All of this has taught me that God is full of surprises, as if I still needed to figure that out. 

I had big plans for the Year of 49.  I even wrote about it here – my 12 in 12 plan.  Life intervened and I didn’t cross many things off my list, although I did get a new piercing in one ear and learned to paddle board.  

But I’m not slowing down.  I still have time, and there is much more to do.  God is showing me that just because my age is a certain number and my hair is graying doesn’t mean I have to conform to some image in my mind of a granny rocking on the front porch.  (not that there’s anything wrong with that.)  There’s a time for that one day but not now. 

There is a legacy to be left for my children and grandchild(ren).

There are new things to learn.

Life awaits.

I’m just getting started.

Bring it on, fifties.


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