Five Minute Friday: Fill

I’ve spent a lifetime filling myself with things that don’t matter.  Junk food, questionable reading material, unhealthy relationships.  You can look at me in pictures and see some of my choices have made for lasting results, and not in a good way.  And although I know better, there are times that I still run for those familiar comforts when I should run for something else.

The world tries to tell us what we “need” to feel fulfilled – new job, new clothes, new toys – but those things just leave us hungry and wanting.  There’s a God-shaped hole in every one of our hearts that only He can fill.  We can try to stuff it with..well, stuff…but there will still be gaps.  Only one piece fills that space perfectly – the one Who made us.heartpiece2

I want to be so full of Him that there’s no room for anything else.  I want to commit His word to memory so I can hear His voice in my head overriding my own.  I want His heart to fill mine so that I love the ones He loves. 

It’s a new era for Five Minute Friday.  Starting today we meet up at Kate’s place to write out our hearts for five minutes flat.  Come join us?  There’s always room for more.

2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Fill

  1. YES! YES! YES!!!

    I stuff, buy, read, and cram just about everything that means nothing into myself in hopes of filling that space that is only meant for HIM. I think we all do. But praise God for at least our awareness…and for today, a new chance to fill ourselves with what truly matters.

    Prayers for a GOD FILLED DAY!

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