Five Minute Friday: Begin

These are my people, these brave writers who gather online every week to write on a single one word prompt.  I would not be the writer I am without them surrounding me, and without Lisa-Jo Baker, who started the whole thing.  Tonight is her last night hosting Five Minute Friday, and while I are going to miss her loving leadership, I look forward to continuing this wild ride with Kate Motaung.  And so, here we go, one last time:

They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, but that’s only part of the story.  Taking that step means leaving something behind, because that beginning is the end of something else.  Maybe you feel it as a loss, maybe not, but it’s an ending all the same. The end of the old thing is the beginning of the new.

People throw words around like “new beginning” and “begin again” like they are shiny, happy gifts, totally ignoring the extra layer of “begin” that signifies “end”. The other thing they don’t say?  Just how absolutely terrifying new beginnings can be!  Stepping through the fear to just start is a huge accomplishment, and taking that first step is as huge as leaping the Grand Canyon sometimes.  First Five Minute Friday post?  Scary!  First FMF Party?  Dizzying! But oh so worth it!

I will go on the record and confess that I can usually begin just fine.  (Finishing is another story.  I continually start things I never finish – Bible reading plans, craft projects, blog posts.)  Maybe it’s because I have lots of experience with endings (and therefore “new” beginnings) in my life, or maybe I’m kind of brave, or maybe just naive, thinking this beginning will be the one that changes everything, the start of a whole new life, or a whole new me.  I’d like to think my optimism is grounded in trust in The One who holds my future in His hands.  Maybe the point of beginning is in finding the courage to take that first step and not worry about the ending.  Because He already knows the ending, and that’s a good enough reason to start the journey.


2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Begin

  1. Love it!! I’ve had to start/begin more times than I can count. I’ve only recently felt okay with the idea of quitting. Quitting doesn’t always mean failure, sometimes it means you were brave enough to try something new to find out it just isn’t the right thing. Glad you were brave enough to join FMF!! 🙂

  2. Yes, He does already know the ending, and what a relief that is! I’ll confess that I sometimes have a problem with the ending too. I just get too many things going on!

    And yes, these are my people too!!

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