A Very Special Mother’s Day Guest Post

Today, in honor of Mother’s Day, I’m thrilled to share a guest post by the amazing Lisa-Jo Baker.  This is one of my favorites because it reminds us mothers that nothing we do goes unnoticed by a loving and compassionate God, and we are all in this together.  By the way, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 11, and if you haven’t bought/made something for your mother already, you’re running out of time.  If you need a gift idea, may I suggest Lisa-Jo’s book Surprised by Motherhood?  It will make you (and your mother) laugh and cry, and sometimes both at once.  It’s a beautiful memoir from a mother who never wanted to be one, and it’s available on Amazon (link below), Barnes & Noble, Christian bookstores, and pretty much wherever you buy books.  At this end of this post you’ll have a chance to win one of three bookplates signed by the author herself.

You are Mighty Because You Mother by Lisa-Jo Baker

There are those who say that this is ordinary. But don’t let that fool you. “Mother” will always be the bravest, least ordinary, most difficult and utterly challenging career that anyone ever hopes to lay claim to.

While others might hear, “diaper-changer, food-maker, car-pooler, bottle-washer, laundry-doer, sweat pants-wearer, life-on-hold” wanna be doing anything else woman, the Truth, whether it feels like it some days or not, is that you are in fact a shelter from the storm.

You are a Cape of Good Hope.

You are a warrior who will battle for your children’s hearts, souls, attention, innocence, education and memories.

Go to battle my friends. This is your time.

We will hold strong on either side of you. We will pray over those bottles, through the dark watches of the night, when doubt comes and children break, when adults fail them, when they push and push as hard against us as that day we delivered them into the world we. will. not. be broken.

We may ache and see cracks tear through our hearts, but we will get up again tomorrow and load the clothes and say the words that need to be said. Again and again and again.

And when the world tries to claw at them, to break them, to smash the beauty in them, may our walls hold true. May the lessons we’ve told, the truths we’ve lived, the life we’ve spoken into them come back easily, predictably, with wash and repeat ease.

Kingdom business. Jesus work. This shaping of souls. This raising tiny humans.

There are those that say that this is ordinary. Don’t buy that for a second.

Mighty. You are mighty, because you mother.

{To see the video reminder of why mothers are braver than they know, click here}.


This guest post comes with love from Lisa-Jo Baker to our community in celebration of Mother’s Day. If you haven’t already – treat yourself, your mom, your sister, your BFF or your grandma to a copy of her new book, Surprised by Motherhood: Everything I Never Expected About Being a Mom. No matter what stage you’re in when it comes to motherhood, we promise it will encourage. And remind you that you are braver than you think.

If you’d like to win a signed book plate for your copy of Surprised by Motherhood (or your Mom’s or your sister’s or your Grandma’s or your BFF’s copy), just leave a comment below and you may win one of three nifty book plates:


Winners chosen randomly and announced on Friday!  Good luck!


2 thoughts on “A Very Special Mother’s Day Guest Post

  1. Mom’s are so valued and Lisa’s story is such a great one. from going to not wanting to be a mom, to being a fantastic mom. I love hearing her story and have read it twice….. Getting ready to read again!

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