Five Minute Friday: Friend

Welcome to the friendliest group of wordsmiths on the web!  On Fridays (er…Thursdays) we all join up to write for five minutes, just five, with no over-editing or over-thinking, on a single prompt we find here.  Want to join us?  There’s always room for one more!

We raised babies together.  In a time when “telephone” meant the kind that was attached to the wall with a cord between the handset and the base.  In a time before DVDs existed (I know I’m dating myself here).  When my daughter watched the same 4 episodes of “Sesame Street” over and over on a VHS tape because we couldn’t get that station on our television so my mother made a tape for her.

We took our babies to the park and let them run free while we followed them around and talked about life.  We joked about arranged marriages (but it was a joke because I was related to her husband, so…not a good idea) and we babysat for each other.  We talked on those stationary telephones for hours so we would have company while we cleaned our houses.  Shelia loved my daughter almost as much as she loved her son.  She was my first “Mom” friend and really, my first grown-up friend.

But then the time came when we moved away and I didn’t see my friend much anymore.  The calls slowed, then finally stopped.  My life circumstances changed and I made new friends, and so did she.

That may sound like a sad story, but I don’t see it that way.  I’ve had friends who have come and gone during different seasons of my life and I have friends (at least on Facebook) that I have known nearly my entire life.  One thing I have come to believe is that God gives us the friends we need when we need them the most.  Some people stay in our lives for years, and some for months, weeks, or even less.  I think He gives us friends to walk alongside us, to “do life” with us, at just the perfect times.

This is especially poignant for me because my family is moving in just a few weeks.  (A few weeks?  I’m not ready!) We are leaving behind some wonderful friends and I’m going to miss them terribly.  But I am confident that God will provide friends for us in our new place – in fact, He’s already started forming some bonds through the magic of the internet.  I know He’s got a plan, and that’s a good thing because I’ve barely started packing.


26 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Friend

  1. I’ve been blessed to have a lifelong friend, but those shorter friendships have been vibrant, loving, and just what I needed at that time. I treasure those friendships as well, and will never forget the impact they’ve had one who I am today. It’s amazing how He provides for us in everything right when we need it!

  2. “One thing I have come to believe is that God gives us the friends we need when we need them the most.” Oh, holding on to that thought right here in my new place!! Thanks, Kim. I needed to hear that today.

    • When we moved to SC 8 years ago I truly did not remember how to make new friends. It took a while, and I had to learn to come out of my shell. Now we are moving again and the thought of finding new friends is so scary, but I know God will send me the right ones.

  3. Incredible. God will provide. For everything there is a season… Here’s to new and old friendships!!

  4. God definitely brought you to me when I needed a friend to laugh and sing with for the last five years (or has it been six…? Lol). I will miss you terribly but am excited for this next chapter in your life! Keep writing and telling your story.

    • You are so near and dear to me, Sylvia (I almost typed “Slyvia”). God has truly put you into my life and used you to bring me closer to Him. Even though I’ve done my darndest to corrupt you. 😉

  5. You’ve expressed many things I have felt over the years. Moving is so bittersweet – I said a little prayer this morning that you find new friendships quickly when you move! 🙂
    Stopping by from FMF

  6. I love this so so much! I love that moving away no longer means losing touch… although I completely agree – some friendships really are just for a season. Praying for you as you move and settle in to somewhere new that He will lead and guide you to friendships that will grow and thrive, that will bless and love!

  7. I remember the day my brother and his wife left town, such a sad day for us…but there is not a single memory of our close-time together I would let go – and though they can not be replaced, God has been SO very good to give us friends who love us and know us in the same way.

    • We have had some lovely “couple” friends over the years and they are hard to replace because instead of two people getting along with each other, there are FOUR personalities who have to mesh. But those relationships are so precious!

  8. Dropping by from FMF!

    Friends are amazing!! I love people and always fill my life with people, but there are those select few who have been with me over the years through thick and thin… my true, dear friends. So glad God puts people in our lives RIGHT when they need to be there!

  9. Stopping by from FMF. My life has been marked by moving and I have such wonderful memories of the days we were raising our babies together with friends. Thanks for a sweet reminder that the days ahead will be as sweet as those behind.

    • Debby, I’m tell myself the same thing as we leave behind the life we’ve been building for the past eight years. I will be praying for you to find the people you need to have around you. 🙂

  10. “God gives us the friends we need when we need them the most. ” I am learning this more and more. I hate the feel of emptiness when a friend moves on but He is always faithful to fill those spaces.

    • Amy, I’ve felt that sadness when a friendship fell by the wayside and I couldn’t figure out the reason. Sometimes a friend is there for a season, and sometimes for years. But God puts them all in our lives for a purpose.

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