Five Minute Friday: Paint

This?  This is the best community you’ll find online – the Five Minute Fridays writers.  We meet up at Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog every week and write for five wild and free minutes on the same one word prompt.  This week it’s PAINT.  Come on and join us!  You won’t regret it.


We mix up our own chalk paint and take it outside in muffin tins, all the colors of the rainbow.  We dip our brushes in and start drawing lines, letters, shapes, but it really doesn’t look like much.  It’s kind of watery and thin, and the concrete of the patio shows through far too much.  But we keep at it because according to the instructions, the color develops only as the water in the paint dries.

We create landscapes, hearts, our names.  Then we walk away.  And when we go back there they are.  Bright strokes of color.  Bold, colorful.  Masterpieces on concrete.

If we’d judged our art on the way we saw it first, we’d have been disappointed.  But given a chance to develop, the colors are so wildly beautiful.  How many times do we impatiently give up before we’ve given the paint a chance to dry?  Before we can truly see the art?  How often do we rely on first impressions and fail to let situations and relationships develop until we can see the full picture?  Things are not always as they seem to be as first glance.



9 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Paint

  1. I love, LOVE where you took this. And I’ve been thinking about mixing up some chalk paint for me and the girl…we’re definitely trying it this summer! Fun! 🙂 Have a fantastic Friday, friend!

  2. The idea of “waiting for the paint to dry” before we assess our art, of giving ourselves time to “truly see the art” is resonating with me. Thanks for making me think more deeply. I found you through Lisa-Jo’s FMF. Nice to meet you!

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