Move: It’s a God-Thing

So my family is involved in this long, protracted move to another state.  The decision was made back in October, and the “real” move won’t happen until June.  My husband and I bought a house in Virginia (we bought a house!  Sorry, still not quite used to the idea.) at the end of February, and we made plans to rent out our house in South Carolina, choosing not to sell it for many reasons:  didn’t think we could get it show-ready, couldn’t sell it for enough money, too much hassle.  But after further consideration (and a look at the reality of having two mortgages in two different states) we decided we’d at least try to sell it.  We set up an appointment with a realtor neighbor of ours and started doing some desperately needed upgrades and repairs.

We had carpet replaced in two rooms.  I wrote about that one earlier.  We had some painting done in a couple of rooms.  We packed anything that didn’t move out of the way fast enough.   Our cats are only now beginning to come out of their hiding places, still alert for the sound of packing tape on boxes.

And then came a providential phone call.  A friend called to ask us about a house for sale on our street.  She worked with my husband Jon when we first moved here eight years ago, and her daughter played softball with our daughters.  In fact, Jon was her coach for a couple of years.  Jon mentioned that our house was going to go on the market soon.  Next thing I know, she wants to take a look at our house, which is nowhere near show-ready condition.  My response?  “But she’s been to our house before!”  No matter, it’s a different story when someone is looking at your home to decide if they want to live there.

We flew into hyperdrive and by God’s grace managed to pull it together, mostly by throwing it all out or boxing it all up.  I somehow managed to pack away all my body lotions, along with most of my books, and I miss them.

I have been saying all along that if we managed to sell our house, it would have to be a God-thing.  We’re not good stagers and we’re not able/willing to put in a lot of money to become good stagers.  I can’t decorate my house at the best of times, so trying to decorate it to appeal to someone else is way out of my skill set.  It seems counter-intuitive to put a lot of money into a house you’re moving out of, even if I know intellectually that it makes sense.  And y’all, at heart I’m lazy.  There it is – the ugly truth.  I have lots of plans and ideas but very little follow-through.

Our friend came to view the house, and to make a long story short, she’s buying it!

We sold our house without ever putting it on the market.  If that’s not a God-thing, I don’t know what is.  He went so far beyond what I asked that it’s almost unbelievable.

I’ve noticed that I have a tendency to want to double- and triple-check what it feels like God is calling me to do.  Do you ever do that?  You feel God directing you toward something, and you keep looking for “signs”.  Like this:  God, if you really want me to take this job, make it clear to me. And then even if I do take that step I feel He’s leading me toward, I keep looking behind me for reassurance.  I’m like Lot’s wife, unwilling to turn my back on the past and move forward.  My neck hurts with all the turning back and forth.  So even with all the confirmation God’s given us (OK, mainly me.  Jon was already convinced.) I keep asking for more.  And God keeps putting the pieces of the puzzle in place.  Job?  Check.  Place to live?  Check.  Buyer for current home?  Check.  I an almost hear Him saying, How many other ways must I show you this is My plan?  Sorry, God.  I’m a bit hard-headed and I lean toward the safe side in so many areas of life.

And something else I’ve noticed about myself.  I pray about things, I circle them in prayer and then I’m surprised when my prayers are answered!  Is that a faith issue?  Is it that I don’t think I deserve it?  What ever happened to praying and believing God will answer?  I think for me it’s that I pray and I tell God what I want, and then I follow up with “Your will be done” and maybe I’m afraid to assume that MY will matches up with HIS will.  I know that my kids sometimes ask me for things that I have to refuse because I know things that they don’t.  No, you can’t eat six cupcakes because it will give you a stomachache.  God is the same way with His “kids” because He knows things that we don’t.

So now we have a contract on our house here in SC.   There are still some hurdles to get over – financing, home inspection – but I am doing my best to leave it in God’s hands.  After all, He seems to be doing just fine without my help.


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