Five Minute Friday: Garden

My online friend Lisa-Jo Baker just invited all of us into her love story.  Not in a weird way, but her love story with the Maubane community in South Africa.  You can read more about it here.  The God-sized dream is to build a community center for this branch of our family, because aren’t we all family anyway?  What would happen if we DID see all the world as our family?  Would it change how we responded to their needs?  So, now my five minutes or so on….Garden.

I’m not a good gardener.  My husband jokingly tells me I have a brown thumb, and he’s right.  My grandmother kept a big garden in her yard and she made me help her pick the vegetables, prepare them (as in breaking beans), and can them.  (I’m a Southern girl – can you tell?)  I did not enjoy this in the least.  It was hot, there were bugs, it was actual physical work.

So why do I still attempt to plant a garden every year?  Because of the memories.  To carry on a family tradition.  And because I recognize the power God has put in one tiny seed.

By itself it doesn’t look very important, but add the right ingredients – soil, sun, water – and it changes and grows into something meaningful.  Something life-sustaining.  And something that can make a difference to a hungry child.

I’m a mom.  Just a mom.  Except I’m not.  I’m like one little seed that God pours His Holy Spirit into and He planted me here in this space at this time for a reason.  I’m here to love God and love people, all of them.  The ones close by and the ones far away, in South Africa. 

So I’m reaching all the way across the globe to join hands with the Maubane community and help them grow a garden.  Frankly, it’s much better for their plants if I contribute financially than if I was to actually try to grow them. I don’t have to do it all myself.  I have a lovely community of writers who are joining hands with me, and God takes our little offerings and multiplies them, like the loaves and fishes. 

This Valentine’s Day I’m choosing to be love to a group of people I’ve never met in South Africa. 

Want to be on the front lines of a miracle?  Come join us.

I almost sat this one out.  Can you believe it?  But God told me to write, so here are my words.  Trusting Him to do what needs to be done.


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