Five Minute Friday: Write

It’s Friday, a day so lovely for many reasons!  One reason is that it’s the day that hundreds of brave writers all over the country (world?) come together to write their brave all over the page.  Want to play along?  Visit and join us!

I was a mess those times.  The years after my divorce left me alone with a 3 year old precious baby girl.  The years after infertility left me raw and doubting.  The days and weeks after my child’s latest outburst of rage tore out my heart and stomped on it.

So I write it down.

In halting words and faulty prose I attempt to capture how the great God of the universe reached out to me in the lowest and most desperate hours and put heavenly arms around me.

I write it because I can’t NOT write it down. 

I write down the spiritual milestones of my life like the Israelites piled stones to mark God’s miracle at the Jordan River (Joshua 4).

So I won’t forget.

So others can look at my life and know.  That God’s real.  That He cares.  That we all matter to Him.  That we’re all flawed and that’s OK.  That we all fall, but we get back up again.  That no one has perfect children and yet they’re to be blessings to us.

As a legacy to my children, another sign to them of how much they were loved and cherished.

I write in stolen moments, when I should be doing other things.  (Like now, when I should be getting ready for work)  But sometimes the words are ready to come out, they must come out, and so I write.

I write and even if it’s not perfect (which it’s not), that same great God of the universe tells me not to worry about who reads my words because He does and He will direct them to the eyes needing to see them.

I love Him, so I write. 

I trust Him, so I write.

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