Five Minute Friday: Hero

This is the day when writers all over the land join together to write for five minutes, just five minutes, on the same word.  And then we meet up at Lisa-Jo’s online space to share our words with each other and spread encouragement around the interwebs.  If you want to give it a try, find us at  This week’s word:  hero.

Here’s to the Moms.  The young ones, the old ones, and all those in between.

The ones who sit up with sick kids all day and all night.  Who wipe noses and bottoms, soothe boo-boos and hurt feelings.

The Moms who get up every day and go to an outside job, and the ones who work at home.  All of them on duty 24-7.

You’re everyday heroes, all of you.

The Moms who find motherhood comes naturally and fits as comfortably as a broken-in slipper. 

And the ones who come into motherhood wide-eyed and head-spinning, wondering just what planet they landed on and how they got there. 

And all the ones in between, who sometimes feel the perfect fit of their calling and other times chafe against what can sometimes feel like a straightjacket.

Those with one kid or 15 kids. 

The ones who try their best to mother, who lay awake at night praying for their kids, who worry over very little detail. 

The ones who fail every. single. day. but keep getting up to try again because whatever else you feel, you love your kids with abandon and because of that all-encompassing love you can’t help but want to be the best Mom you can be. 

Everyday heroes. 

I think this is going to need to be re-visited in another blog post, because I didn’t even get to the Dads, and they totally deserve some recognition.



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