Five Minute Friday: Visit

I’m a couple of days late, but who can tell when inspiration will strike? 

Five Minute Friday is an amazing group of writers who band together every week to write for five minutes on a one word prompt given by our leader, Lisa-Jo Baker.  If you want to play along, all the deets are here:

I have a houseful of people here this morning and I’m serving canned cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  And that’s OK, because I’d much rather “visit” with them then spend my time in the kitchen cooking breakfast.  Cooking for friends and family is a kind of love, that’s true, but right now I want to show a different kind of love.

I grew up right here in the South and have lived here all my life.  When I was a little girl, my parents would often take me out on occasional “visits” with them.  (I was an only child so I got dragged a lot of places we probably wouldn’t have gone if I was one of two or more kids)  And when we got to whatever home we were going to, we would then sit and “visit”.

There’s probably a better term for it, but “visit” meant that they sat and talked.  In the same room.  Made eye contact.  Connected.  Shared what was happening in their lives.  Laughed together.  Cried and prayed together.  In modern parlance, they were “present”. 

I’ve been on longer visits to homes (and sadly hosted a few) where the household’s daily rhythm didn’t change.  The guests were just spectators to a show that didn’t even take an intermission to acknowledge their presence.  And while that may make the company feel like they’re part of the family, I think it defeats the purpose of a visit.  I think you go to be with people in order to actually be with them, not just pass by them in the hallway.

So if you come to my Southern home to visit me, don’t expect a meal from a Top Chef winner.  I’d rather spend my time sitting with you on my couch, so you can truly say you’ve had a “visit”.


2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Visit

  1. Hi Kim,

    Nice to ‘meet’ you! I enjoyed this post, especially the comment about the canned cinnamon rolls. As a fellow southerner and recovering perfectionist, I have learned {and am learning} the value of lowering my expectations for things like cooking and instead focusing on what truly matters – relationships.

    I poked around your site a bit and was excited to see a fellow Hello Mornings gal. The HM challenge has revolutionized my quiet times and turned this night owl into a lover of quiet mornings.

    I also see you’re attending Allume. Have you attended before? I’d LOVE to attend, but I’m concerned about the cost. It’s within driving distance, but at this point anything outside of our regular budget isn’t an option. At the moment, praying bold prayers that somehow there will be a way made that I can attend with another friend who recently started this blogging journey.

    Hope you have a wonderfully blessed week!


  2. I love this…and I love canned cinnamon rolls, too. 😉 Though if I make them, I’ll eat the whole pan! I think your perspective is so good…a real visit is that sweet, (in)RL time that soaks up the gift of the time more than the details. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Hope you’re having a wonderful week, friend!

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