Five Minute Friday: Encouragement

So here’s the deal:  every Friday some of the bravest writers on Earth get together and write like we used to do – for fun – for five minutes.  No editing or overthinking, just five solid minutes on one word.  Want to play along?  Get on over to for all the information.

I live a crazy busy life.  I know this because my friends tell me so, and also because I can feel it, that whirlwind of running too many directions at the same time.  I’m always going – either going somewhere or “going” to do something, usually the next thing on my never ending list.

And yes, sometimes (OK, most times) I feel the need to slow down but at this particular phase of my life there is no slowing down.  We’re in the midst of an interstate move, with one spouse in the “new” state and me still here with the kids, trying to work a part-time job, ferry the kids where they need to be, and just generally hold the house together during the workweek.  In the middle of all this craziness it can feel like God is nowhere near.  I’m so focused on what needs doing next that I can’t seem to “Be still and know that I am God”  and I know that I need to do that very thing.

But when those times come that I wonder where God can possibly be in the madness that constitutes my life, He has ways to remind me.

A Voxer from a lovely friend from across the Northern border.

A text, just asking how I am.

An email.

An actual phone call.  (Remember when people used to do that all the time?)

God uses His people to reach out and let me know that yes, He’s there in the wildness too.  He speaks in their voices, through their fingers, to tell me to keep going, that it’s going to be OK.  That He’s there.

Don’t underestimate the power of an encouraging word from you.  It might feel like cool water to a thirsty soul when all they can see ahead of them is more desert.  If God brings someone to your mind, maybe there’s a reason. And if you reach out to them in obedience, you might just set off a wildfire of encouragement that could one day light up the world.


4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Encouragement

  1. “Don’t underestimate the power of an encouraging word from you.” Simple, yet so true and easily forgotten. Thanks for the reminder! And a word of encouragement in your busyness, between late 2010 and early 2012 we moved our family of eight twice in 15 months. Then in 2013 our three oldest children were all married. There were also two graduations, two diagnoses of cancer, two pregnancies, a miscarriage, and just a whole lot of life. It has been in the “be still” that I’ve found strength to keep going strong as well as eyes to see God’s provision. It’s so hard, but it seems the busier and more demanding life is, the more we need that stillness. I’m so glad you have encouragers around you to remind you of His love!

  2. I would vox you an encouraging little something telling you all manner of awesome but I hate that app and talking on the phone (introvert problems) so I will just say here that I know that swirling chaos and how hard it is to still things inside when everything external is going a million miles an hour but you’re not alone. Sometimes being still doesn’t mean our calendars are empty or our lives are slow, sometimes it’s just stopping in our hearts and taking notice of the millions of ways He is with us in every moment, moving with us and giving us the strength to face the things He’s appointed for us. Sometimes the things we notice are how He puts the right people in our lives to lift us up with His everlasting arms. Love to you, friend.

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