Five Minute Friday: Fight

“The Lord will fight for you.  You need only to be still.”  Exodus 14:14

That’s what Moses told the Israelites just before they crossed the Red Sea.  But who can be still when there’s a fight coming? Aren’t you supposed to rise up and fight back?  Is it true that anything worth having is worth fighting for?  And oh, the rush of adrenaline that comes from knowing you’re right and having the chance to press your point to a worthy opponent!  And I like to win.

I know when the “girl drama” is going on with one of my daughters and I advise her to walk away from it, I may as well tell her to flap her arms and fly to the moon.  Neither of those is likely to happen.  We want to engage and advance our side of the argument, don’t we?   Don’t we deserve to be heard?  We can’t be seen as surrendering!  In case you’re wondering, “girl drama” doesn’t end when the girl grows up.  I’m sure you’ve seen it yourself.  It may as well be a fight even if the weapons used are words and manipulation instead of punches and kicks.

But then there are the times when it seems like a battle to even get out of bed and face the day.   Or my kids decide to be difficult, or someone has done or said something that offended me or hurt my feelings.  Nothing, nothing is going my way.  On those days when every. single. thing feels like a fight and I’m perpetually on the losing end, surrendering still feels like winning somehow.  It’s my choice and I’m choosing to walk away from the fray.  I’m stepping away and being still.  I’m letting the Lord fight for me because I just don’t have the fight left within me anymore.

What about you? Do you engage when a fight shows up at your door, or do you walk away?

Today I’m joining up with some of my favorite wordsmiths on the planet for Five Minute Friday.  We get our one word prompt at midnight on Friday, then we write for five soul-freeing minutes.  Want to play along?  Go to for all the details.


7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Fight

  1. Confclicted on this one. Sometimes I think I should be still, pray. But other times that seems to negatively impact everything and everyone in my life. Hmmm.

  2. Kim, I looked at this exact verse when I was writing my FMF post! I love it because I’m so often way ahead of God in a fight. He has taught me on numerous occasions and still has to remind me that He will fight our battles for Him. Our job is to look to Him and obey…and leave the fighting up to Him!

  3. LOVE this my friend – love the honesty and truth… Oh how we love to be right… and to be able to be right and have others know – well, it can seem tasty – but so often it just doesn’t go down right. I am non-confrontational… I am a peacemaker and peace keeper and want to be a grace extender – but oh yes – we all have those days that push us and prod us and stir us up for a fight! I try to remember in the midst of those days that we do not war against flesh and blood…

    So happy to have fmf’s back… I have missed you!

  4. This was simply honest and I loved it. All day I have been fighting a battle within myself to attempt this challenge. I chickened out and went with something easy instead. I guess…in this battle fear won out.

  5. I have a whole message around this verse that I shared with a group a few months ago. I agree that God fights the battle and in verse 13 of that same chapter he says “dont be afraid stand”. There are times as the fight is coming to us we may not fight back but we don’t have to turn away either we can stand. I love that you compared it to girl drama because sometime we have to teach our girls to be strong and stand.


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