Five Minute Friday: Fly

I’m linking arms with my sisters over at, where we meet up every Friday to write for 5 minutes, just 5 minutes, on a one word prompt.  Then we link our posts up and go leave some love for each other.  It’s a blast!  Want to play along?  Come join us – we love to make new friends!

The days may trudge by, but the years – oh, how they fly!

When my middle girl was a baby, I was absolutely certain I would never have a full night’s sleep again.  She didn’t sleep well (still doesn’t) but since Daddy had a regular 8-5 job it fell to stay-at-home Mommy to deal with the sleepless baby, then toddler, then preschooler.  Some days it was all I could do to get through the day.  I confess that I sometimes wished her older so we could get past this pesky phase or that one, and well-meaning friends and relatives would caution me not to wish life away.

They were right.

She’ll be 13 in a couple of months and I truly do not know where the time went.  All those days and nights that felt so monotonous and endless – where did they go?  Why was I in such a hurry?

She’s a joy just as she is now but if I’m honest, I do miss the baby years.  So much potential and so much anticipation to see what she would be!  Oh it’s still there, even as she’s developing into who she will one day become but I miss the wide-eyed little princess for whom every new adventure was a delight.

And still I catch myself looking ahead, wondering what’s around the bend for her, and for her sisters.  And I have to remind myself to remain here.  There’s no need to fly ahead.  Flying may be the most expedient way to travel from one place to another, but it’s not the best way to spend our lives, flying from one thing to the next.  There is joy in the journey, even when it feels endless.

Because one day you’ll look up and realize how much you missed in the every day.

Now it’s your turn.  Let’s hear what you have to say!


6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Fly

  1. Dear Kim
    Oh, I remember how I thought with my first baby that I was going to forget how to sleep if ever I would have the chance of doing that ever again. This year he is finishing his masters degree in Architecture! But nothing prepared me for the illness I was diagnosed with 8 years ago, Fm/ME. I would go for a week without sleeping, and then only on and off for a few minutes. I sleep much better now thanks to a great doctor.
    Blessings XX

  2. Oh, Kim, I can so relate to what you are saying. With one in college and another to follow this year, time couldn’t go any faster. Mama’s and Papa’s everywhere, hold onto the here and now–embrace and cherish it! Our time is but a vapor.
    Lovely; enjoy your sweet teenager! Stopping over from FMF.

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