Day 18: The Pinterest Rabbit Hole

Do you have a Pinterest account? If you don’t, take my advice and stay away.  Because unless you have an hour or two that would not be better spent doing something productive, you don’t even need to go near it.

Pinterest is dangerous in so many ways, not just in how it wastes my time.  It makes me want things I don’t need, makes me feel bad about the way I look, stirs up envy, makes me feel less-than in so many areas.  And yet I can’t stay away.  Because I need to make that salted caramel sauce for my coffee.  And I need to find some ideas for a new haircut.  Pinterest is great for those things because it’s a vast repository for ideas and the chance that someone, somewhere, has pinned the very site you need is very, very good.  But I’ve got to control myself when I’m on it.

One thought on “Day 18: The Pinterest Rabbit Hole

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