Day 17: The House

Sheesh!  Only halfway through and I’m already three days behind.  It would have been nice if I could have worked Five Minute Friday into the 31 Days series but I’ve already used laundry. Although it takes up enough time that it would really qualify for two days or more. 


(This is my vacuum cleaner on the couch.  Yes, I do vacuum my couch this way because the little hose thing doesn’t get all the cat hair off, and nothing ruins a nice outfit like a coating of cat fur. )

But let’s talk about housework.  I know, I know – no one wants to talk about housework but let’s just talk about how it highjacks my writing time.  I’ll be honest and admit that I will never win any awards for Cleanest House.  We’re not in danger of being shut down by the Health Inspector, but things like magazines and school communications tend to hang around long after they have exhausted their usefulness.  There is always, always, something that needs doing. 

I write on my laptop, sitting at my kitchen table, which in hindsight doesn’t seem like the smartest plan.  From my vantage point I can see all of the living room and breakfast area, and most of the kitchen.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve sat down to write and something catches my eye.  Oh, I think, I’ll just move that plate off the table and carry it to the kitchen.  Then it won’t distract me while I’m writing.  

Carrying the plate to the kitchen reminds me that the dishes in the dishwasher are clean and need to be put away so the dirty ones in the sink can take their place.  And then I notice that the dish towel beside the sink is ready for the laundry (there’s that laundry again!) so I walk it down the hall, where I notice that there are enough towels for a load, so I throw a detergent tab in there and start the washer.  At which point I have totally lost my writing mojo, unless of course I am planning to write a companion piece to If You Give A Mouse A Cookie:  If you give a Mom a dirty plate, she’s going to want to unload the dishwasher.  When she unloads the dishwasher, she’ll see that the dish towel is dirty, so she’ll take it to the laundry room…   

I am fully aware that I could have a more organized home and I’d spend less time on maintenance.  More importantly, I could have less stuff and I’d spend less time organizing it, and I am working on that – giving things to Goodwill by the bagsful.  But there is still more to be done.  Now excuse me, because I need to fold that load of laundry on my bed…


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