Day 16: Cats and Other Critters

Let me just say right up front that I’m a “cat person”.  I’ve never been a “dog person”, not even a little bit.  I met dogs that I like but never one I’ve liked enough to bring home.  Some people say cats are aloof.  I say they’re independent and quite self-sufficient, and I like that about them.

So we’ve had cats since we’ve been married, much to my dog-loving husband’s disappointment.  Usually we’ve had two at a time, sometimes more, but so far we haven’t veered into “crazy cat lady” territory.  Right now we have two.  One is my middle girl’s cat, with the cumbersome name Sally Hannah Juliana, and the cumbersome body to match.  Y’all, this cat is the size of a Mack truck, comparatively speaking.  She likes nothing more than to lay in the sun, normally on her back with her legs up in the air.  It’s quite an arresting sight, to be honest.  But she’s a sweet kitty and doesn’t cause much trouble except for the occasional hairball.

And then there’s Mr. High Maintenance.  He’s not supposed to be our cat, but we “inherited” him from my oldest daughter.  He’s a Manx (no tail) and he’s very attached to his people.  It’s a good thing he’s sweet because he’s cost us a couple thousand in vet bills over the last few years due to some…um…plumbing issues.  He’s all good now but he has to eat a special diet, which means he gets fed twice a day, and his food requires some prep work.  Guess who does the prep?  You got it:  me.

Let’s not forget that when we went to the beach on vacation last summer we came home with two hermit crabs.  One of them promptly kicked the bucket and had to be replaced because heaven forbid that one girl have a crab and the other be crabless.  The crabs don’t require much care BUT they must have a wet sponge in their “crabitat” at all times or they could die a tragic and painful death.  That’s according to the hermit crab care website.  And their water must be free from chlorine and other chemicals found in tap water, so we have some kind of miracle drops to dechlorinate the water.  You’d be surprised how fast a sponge can dry out in my house.  OK, maybe you wouldn’t, but I sure am.

So how do my critters contribute to my procrastination problem?   Well, for one thing, Mr. HM likes to walk around the house and meow at night, which keeps/wakes me up.  Lack of sleep makes me go to bed earlier the next night, which cuts into my writing time.  I’ve tried closing him out of the bedroom but he just paws at the door and makes it rattle in the frame.  Despite my elaborate rigs designed to stop him, he always manages to get to the door and make a racket.  This morning he was roaming around in my room making a racket at 5:00 a.m.

Add up all the time it takes for “pet maintenance” around here and subtract it from the time I have available for miscellaneous activities, and it can be a chunk.

Excuse me.  The cat’s begging to be fed.


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