Behind the Scenes: Long-Distance Relationship


This is me with my sister-friend Pam.   Isn’t she pretty?  We were on vacation together with our families summer before last, in Cape San Blas, Florida.  It’s beautiful and remote, and I very much want to go there again sometime. Preferably with Pam.  🙂

I think I can safely say that my friendship with Pam holds the record for my longest friendship, if you consider how long we’ve remained in continuous contact and not just how long we’ve known each other.  I met her when she was barely pregnant with her lovely daughter Brittany, who is now 16.  We went to church together, shared life in a small group and loved each other through some of the hardest times either of us has ever seen.  We’ve celebrated together, laughed and cried together, vacationed together, mourned together.  She is a part of some of my most favorite memories.

See that camera strap around Pam’s neck?   That’s because she is an amazingly talented photographer, and normally she and I are both on the other side of the camera.  We were laughing in this picture because we had just been talking about how we never get pictures taken of ourselves, so I turned my camera around and took this shot.  I love it because you can see on our faces the joy we felt in being together, and how natural we feel around each other.

I love her because she knows me and my story so well that we don’t have to waste time with background information.  If I’m having a rough day I can call her and launch right into a laundry list of complaints, and she will listen, ask appropriate questions, and verbally “hold my hand”.  She’s always on my side, and she always has my back.

The reason I say I have to call her is because she lives in another state.  Pam was one of the losses I had to grieve when we moved from TN to SC seven years ago.  Yet through the magic of the internet and cell phones, we can stay in touch as often as we find the time.  We don’t have as much time to connect as we’d like due to things like jobs and kids, but when we do connect it’s like no time has passed.   There is just something about those friendships where you can finish each other’s sentences, where you have a language all your own that would just require so many words to explain to someone else.  But Pam already knows what I’m thinking without my even having to say it.

She knows me, the good and the bad, and she loves me just the same.  And I hope she knows just how much I love her.

Today I’m linking up with the crowd over at Behind the Scenes:  We get together on Tuesday and tell the stories Behind the Scenes of our Pinterest-worthy photos.  Come play with us!


5 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: Long-Distance Relationship

  1. I love this. What a beautiful picture of two beautiful ladies and what a beautiful testament to the power of friendship in our lives. Just lovely. Simply lovely.

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