Day 13: Safety Patrol

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time at all, you know that my youngest daughter is a gymnast.  She is truly in love with the sport, and she’s turned our home into a pseudo-practice gym for all the days that she is not already practicing.

She uses the chaise part of our sectional as a vault table, the trampoline for tumbling, and she has an actual practice beam that my husband built for her.  Lately she’s been begging for a practice bar but we are reluctant to shell out $400 for one and they really don’t seem all that safe.

Well.  She likes to practice her tumbling passes on the trampoline in the back yard (don’t panic – it’s enclosed by a net), and she likes for me to sit out there in a lawn chair and watch, because as we all know, if Mama didn’t see you do it, it didn’t really happen.  (this is true of many other situations, as I’m sure you know.)  Sometimes I actually sit on the patio swing.  Last week she happened to notice that the swing is attached to a frame that looks suspiciously like….a practice bar.


Suddenly the practice bars don’t look nearly as unsafe as THIS.  So she crushed up some sidewalk chalk to put on her hands and she set about practicing some of her moves on that “bar”.  In order for her to do this, however, she is required to have one of her parents (that’d be me) stand there with a foot on one of the crossbars to keep the whole thing from tipping over.  We’ve limited what she can do on it for safety reasons, and as with many other things, we know that she will get tired of it pretty soon. 

But yet again, I let it get in the way of my blogging because it’s hard to type a post while you’re holding down a swing frame so it won’t flip over and your budding gymnast won’t get splattered. 


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