Day 7: Reading Other Blogs

There is sooooo much bloggy goodness out there!  Have you SEEN all the nifty bloggers who are participating in 31 Days?  Nine categories of wonderful stuff!  I could spend days just reading and absorbing all the excellent content being presented in 31Days and elsewhere out there on the interwebs.  There are all kinds of big bloggers and small bloggers and every size in between, all of which have a lot to offer their readers.   Funny ones, inspiring ones, parenting ones, decorating ones, cooking and crafting ones, and so much more.  And sometimes they link to each other, so you start out reading Super Suzy’s blog, then she directs you to Awesome Amy’s blog, where you see a button for Cool Cathy’s blog…. Or you see a teaser on Twitter and you just have to find out what the rest of the blog post says, and you like that one so much that you start reading archived posts, and before you know it three hours have passed, your coffee has gone cold, you’ve missed lunch, and it’s time to pick the kids up from school.  I may or may not have done this before myself. 😉

The sad fact is that I can’t read everybody’s blog.  I just can’t.  My best option is to find the bloggers whose words cause me to examine myself, make me laugh, teach me something new, inspire me, and most of all point me to the Father, and use my time to read those.  But if I’m busy reading everyone else’s excellent words (see what I did there?), when do I have time to write some excellent ones of my own?  Balance is needed here and I’m really not sure where to find it.  Set a time limit?  A limit on the number of posts I read?  Use reading other blogs as a reward for working on my own?  I don’t know the answer but I know it’s a problem and I need to take a close look at the time I spend reading other blogs.

5 thoughts on “Day 7: Reading Other Blogs

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  2. Kim, i am so there with you. Let me know if you figure out the magic formula. I just can’t keep up. then someone will reference something that I haven’t read and the downward spiral of thinking I’ll never be good enough for all this starts. But, I do believe reading others makes me better. Right? Except I can’t find time to write my own right now and read too! (and this post makes me want to read your others!)

  3. Oh, it’s so true! We’re going to be on vacation for a large chunk of October, and then there’s that Allume thing near the end of the month . . . so I’m pinning the blogs I’ve GOT to read and will go back and read in November – when I’m not frantically trying to pump out posts myself. (How’s that for a run-on sentence?)

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