Day 6: Sabbath

Remember when Sunday was the day of rest?  When I was little (back in “ancient times”, as my daughter likes to say) the stores weren’t even open on Sundays.  There was no mall browsing, no grocery shopping, no gift buying on Sundays.  Sometimes I miss the days that you had to plan ahead for your Sunday dinner because you couldn’t hop out to the Bi-Lo if you forgot to buy potatoes for the home-smashed potatoes.  My family would get up and have breakfast, dress in our Sunday best, go to Sunday School and then church, come home and have a nice dinner (OK, so my mother didn’t get to rest the whole day) and then….nothing much.  Well, unless we went to Training Union and Sunday night church later.  (Can I see a show of hands from those who not only know what Training Union is but actually attended it at least once?)

So while I’d like to say I procrastinate about my writing because I am honoring the Sabbath on Sundays and that takes away 1/7 of the days I have available to write, the truth is that we are doing so many other things on the Sabbath that I just don’t have time.  We fill up our weeks with so many activities that we spend Saturday and Sunday doing all the other things (usually housework) we don’t get to throughout the week.  Maybe if we did honor the Sabbath, I’d be able to take a few minutes to at least scribble down some thoughts in a notebook.


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