Day 4: The Gym

Don’t get too excited – it’s not that kind of gym.  I’m not working out or anything.  This is the gym where my pretty girl practices gymnastics (she’s reading this over my shoulder and editing.  Can you tell?).  That’s her in the purple leotard on the uneven bars.


We love our gym.  We’re there 3 hours at a time, 3 days a week, so I have plenty of “waiting time”.  That is, of course, three afternoons a week that I can’t be writing at home because I’m at the gym.  Why, you say, couldn’t I just write at the gym since I’m there and not doing anything anyway?  Well, there’s just one problem when it comes to writing for my blog at the gym:  there’s no wi-fi.  What’s the point in hauling my laptop with me if I can’t get online?  What indeed.

There’s a simple solution to this one:  write in Word, and post it later when I’m back at home.  Duh.  Clearly this would take a little more self-discipline than I apparently have.

As I was writing this post I discovered yet another impediment to my writing.  While I was sitting in my usual spot at the kitchen table typing away, the subject of the above photo appeared at my left elbow.  And stayed.  And read over my shoulder asking a plethora of questions about my post.  It’s kind of hard to concentrate on the next thought when someone is reading aloud the thought that came two sentences ago. But I love her, so I let her stay.

And now my lovely daughter would like to type a few words of her own:  Hey people i’m awesome Q the beautiful and cool and pretty and i’m good at gymnastics. i love gymnastics and mommy does too. she loves when i win medals me too. i can do all my routines already. TIME FOR GYMNASTICS. GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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