Day 1: After School Snacks

When I use my kids as an excuse for why I don’t write more often, you might think that I have toddlers or preschoolers around the house, or even babies, since those ages require a lot of hands-on attention.  You would be wrong.  My girls are 9 and 12, and those are the ones at home.  I actually even have one adult daughter who managed to turn out just fine in spite of having me for a mother.  You might think that children who have attained the advanced ages of 9 and 12 would not need much hands-on attention.  You would be wrong, again.  Ok, maybe “need” is not the best term.  My 9 year old seems to think she needs to have my undivided attention, at all times if possible.  For instance, she comes home from school and is, in her terms, starving half to death, and ends up eating for the better part of an hour, snack after snack after snack.   Literally, as soon as she finished one snack she is asking for another one.  Why can’t she get her own snacks, you say?  She could, however some of these snacks seem to require my expertise with the microwave.  And other times it’s just easier to do it myself than to argue with her about it.  (I know, I know, I know – I can’t believe I’m such a pushover either)  The 12 year old is just too indecisive to choose a snack most of the time and ends up debating herself about it until almost dinnertime, which is way past snack time.

So what could I do differently to get around this?  Well, I could insist that my kids become more independent.  To be honest, I haven’t pushed it much up to this point.  Sometimes it’s just easier to do it myself than it is to teach them how to do it, and I know that’s not doing them any favors.  Maybe it’s because I am reluctant to see them grow up because it makes me feel old, or I see their childhood slipping away right before my eyes… whatever the reason, I need to work on this.

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