31 Days of Procrastination


OK, so it started out as a joke, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought it would be fun and – get this – useful. Because I am the best procrastinator you’ll ever meet and The Nester DID say you should choose a subject you know a lot about. It’s telling that within 30 minutes of choosing this topic, I had almost enough post ideas for the whole month!  I’m a great starter and I have some really creative ideas, but my follow-through…well, it stinks. So maybe if I post for 31 days about all the excuses I use to keep from sitting down and actually writing something and all the ways I waste time when I actually could be writing, I’ll be able to see them for what they are: stumbling blocks that I put in my own path. Join me on the journey to see if I can post for 31 days about all the reasons I can’t do it (don’t you love the irony there?), and watch me debunk my own excuses. Who knows? You might even recognize one or two of your own.

And in the process of disarming my excuses by writing about them, I’m also actually overcoming them.  I might even develop a little self-discipline along the way.

I’ll come back here and link up the posts each day so you can find them.  So let’s get started.  Or not.  😉

Day 1:  After School Snacks

Day 2:  Game Apps

Day 3:  Five Minute Friday:  Write

Day 4:  The Gym

Day 5:  Dithering

Day 6:  Sabbath

Day 7:  Reading Other Blogs

Day 8:  The Comparison Trap

Day 9:  Planning Paralysis

Day 10:  Moving

Day 11:  Five Minute Friday/Ordinary

Day 12:  Laundry

Day 13:  Safety Patrol

Day 14:  I Can Has Cheezburger?

Day 15:  Bookworm Problems

Day 16:  Cats and Other Critters

Day 17:  The House

Day 18:  The Pinterest Rabbit Hole

Day 19:  Fear of Failure

Day 20:  Fear of Success

3 thoughts on “31 Days of Procrastination

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