Behind the Scenes: Sleep Art



I wish I was an artist.  I envy those people who can draw and paint a realistic sunset, or even an intriguing abstract piece.  I am drawn to symmetry and I’m a perfectionist, and the combination of the two does not make for good art.  Sadly, this represents just about the extent of any drawing talent I possess.  It’s a stick figure drawing of my daughter’s sleeping position, just in case you can’t make it what it’s supposed to be.

The significant part of the story has to do with WHY I would draw it.  Last Tuesday night I had the opportunity to meet up with some local ladies who will be attending the Allume conference next month. (Woot!  Can’t wait!)  I cleared it with the hubs and we made arrangements to get daughter #3 home from gymnastics that night, which is usually my job.  My husband made plans to pick her up so I could get to my meetup on time.  But then came the hard part:  telling said daughter that Daddy would be taking her home and not Mommy.  This particular child still struggles with some separation anxiety (even at age 9), especially when it comes to me, and when I say she doesn’t like going to bed without me tucking her in, I mean she really does not like it.  I have no idea where the worry comes from, just that it’s real and it’s significant.  So when I told her I was going out, she needed to know if I would be home before she went to bed.  When I told her I wouldn’t, she and I started negotiating to find a solution that would make her feel OK about me being gone.  She likes to for us to check on her after she’s asleep and often she will ask us the next morning what position she was in, so I suggested that I draw her in her bed to show her how she was sleeping when I checked on her, and then leave the drawing on her floor so she could see it in the morning.  Somehow that was enough to satisfy her.  I was steeling myself to refuse a request to wake her up and kiss her goodnight whenever I got home so I think I got off pretty easily this time.  Here is my pitiful drawing, proving that I did indeed check on her when I got home.   Simple, yes, but it was enough.

I’m linking up with the fun crowd over at for Behind the Scenes, where we tell the stories behind the pictures we share all over the web.  Join us?

5 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: Sleep Art

  1. This has to be one of the sweetest acts of love and caring I have every seen. I love that you girl wants to know you are there and that you will do all you can to show you that you are.

  2. this is AWESOME! (A) I draw like that, too. Maybe not that well. (B) I have been looking for a technique to help with babysitter time (simgle mommyhood and I need sanity) and this is briiliant. Thank you!

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