Five Minute Friday: Mercy

It’s my favorite writing day of the week!  It’s that party to end all parties with the uber-brave writing crew of Five Minute Friday!  You know the drill:  you write for five minutes on the prompt given, with no editing or backtracking, then you link up with all the other writers (yes, that means you) at  That’s where you can find all the fine print, should you want to play along.  Ready, set, go!

“Lawd, have mercy!”  I can still hear my Grandma saying that.  And Uncle Jesse on “Full House”:  “Have mercy!”  Usually it came up when things in life got difficult or confusing.

We like to toss that word around a lot and yet I think we don’t understand what we’re talking about. 

I once heard grace described as “getting the good things you don’t deserve” and mercy described as “NOT getting the bad things you DO deserve”.  That’s how I learned to tell them apart.  If that’s true, then every single day of my life is full of mercy because I?  Am a sinner.  What I deserve is punishment, death even.  Yet somebody took that punishment for me so I don’t have to suffer for what I’ve done.  He went willingly to take my place.

Mercy came running like a prisoner set free,

Past all my failures to the point of my need.

When the sin that I carried was all I could see,

When I could not reach Mercy,

Mercy came running to me.

“Mercy Came Running” Phillips, Craig and Dean

Now it’s your turn.  Let’s see what you’ve got!





One thought on “Five Minute Friday: Mercy

  1. 🙂 Love that song…if the girl wasn’t sleeping upstairs, I totally would have hosted an impromptu concert in my living room. 😉 Beautiful reminder of mercy…we are So. Incredibly. Loved. And blessed. Happy Friday to you, sweet friend!

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