Behind the Scenes: On Vacation


We’re on vacation this week, and normally I wouldn’t share a picture that involved A) me in a swimsuit; B) my husband shirtless; and C) my hair all scraped off my face (makes me look I’ve been peeled), but for Behind the Scenes…well, OK.

This was taken yesterday, our first full day at the beach, and we were having a blast frolicking in the waves with the kiddos, then I stopped Jon before we got too soaked so we could take the obligatory selfie.

Right after this picture we went back into the waves to play, then almost immediately I heard Jon yell.  He’d had a close encounter with a jellyfish, or at least we assume that’s what happened judging by the marks on his legs.  Kinda took the fun out of the day.  I had the same thing happen to me a couple of years ago on a different vacation.  The tentacles actually wrapped around my leg and foot, and the red marks stayed for a month or longer.

But like a trooper, he was back in the water today, even after we spotted two HUGE jellyfish washed up on the sand.  Ewww!

Today I’m linking up with Crystal and the gang over at for Behind the Scenes, where we reveal the real stories behind our Pinterest-perfect images.  Because being real takes so much less work, you know?


5 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: On Vacation

  1. Love the selfie and the real of you in this pic! I think it’s awesome! 🙂 Hope you have a fabulous time at the beach…I’m mostly jealous over here in the Midwest. 😉 Happy Tuesday, friend! (((hugs)))

  2. Love your selfie… you both look happy and relaxed… that was ofcourse pre-jellyfish encounter. Glad you are having a good time friend and glad that you’re getting some relaxation in…

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