Five Minute Friday: Lonely

It’s time once again to join up with the most courageous writers I know:  the Five Minute Friday crew at, where we all write from the same one-word prompt.  The prompt may be the same, but the writing of it covers all the colors of the rainbow – no two are the same.  Beautiful, don’t you think?  So here we go:
Lonely usually conjures up images of a kid standing alone on the edge of the playground, looking longingly at the other kids laughing and playing.  But it’s not always that easy to spot.
I’ve been lonely in the middle of a crowd lots of times, at church even.  It’s like you’re moving through the world with a bubble around you, maintaining a distance that no one even tries to penetrate.  You think that everybody else is happy and secure, with tons of friends, but you – you’re the sole outcast standing on the fringes.
Sometimes I think feeling lonely is a trap set for me by the enemy.  Yes, we all feel lonely occasionally.  Think about that.  We ALL feel lonely sometimes.  So if I’m feeling a bit left out, chances are that someone else nearby is feeling <em>the same way</em>.  Maybe instead of stewing in my loneliness and feeling sorry for myself, I should reach out to someone else.  I have to be very aware of the temptation to throw myself a pity party, wallowing in my patheticness.  (If that’s not a true word, it should be.)   It’s all too easy to make “lonely” an identity – it’s very romantic and dramatic to imagine myself as the tortured writer who is a loner, who uses that loneliness to drive her creativity.
But the truth is I don’t have to feel that way.  I have lots of people in my life I can reach out to who would gladly meet me for coffee.  I have hundreds of others who live further away that are available at the click of a button on my phone, and any of those would rally around me to lift me up in prayer and hold my virtual hand.
So that lonely feeling is going to come and go in my life.  I accept that.  But instead of idly sitting by and letting it take up residence, I hope it will remind me to reach out to someone else who might be feeling the same way.

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