Behind the Scenes: Just Curious


This is my lovely youngest daughter on July 4 of this year.  She’s sweet and spicy, and full of energy (and totally posing for this shot).  This photo was taken on our front porch because it was raining off and on all July 4.  She was sorely disappointed because we weren’t able to go see any of the big local fireworks shows – they were all cancelled or rescheduled due to the weather.  Normally some of the people in our neighborhood shoot off fireworks on their own (it’s not illegal in our county) but again, the weather was keeping most people home.

I had bought sparklers and “poppers” for the girls to enjoy and they insisted on using them, so during a brief break between showers we went onto the front porch and lit some sparklers up.

The phrase “Curiosity killed the cat” doesn’t exist for nothing.  My baby girl (she’d be mad if she knew I called her that, but she’s always going to be my baby.  There’s no help for it.) is the most curious of my girls.  She asks more questions than the FBI and she never seems to run out of words.  Or questions.  She’s usually nervous around fire and sparklers because she fears her clothes or hair catching fire.  But on this night she thought it would be interesting to touch the sparkler.  While it was lit.  Just to see what it felt like.

I’m not sure what she expected, or why she didn’t connect sparks=fire=hot, but one minute she was holding the sparkler normally and the next she was showing me her blistered fingers.

Her curiosity didn’t kill her but it bought her some pretty deep burns on three of her fingers, and as a very active gymnast it was not fun working out while those burns healed.

And yet.  How many times have I satisfied my curiosity at the expense of my own health?  Maybe not just my physical safety, but emotional health, or spiritual health.   I’m not usually physically adventurous, but how many times have I looked at/watched/read something that was damaging to me, just because I was curious?  A wise person once told me, “Once you’ve seen something, you can never un-see it.”  And it’s true.  It becomes a part of you, for better or worse.   There are things I’ve read and seen that I wish I could take back but I can’t.

The burns are healed now but maybe the scars they left behind will help her be more cautious the next time her curiosity urges her to act.  I hope I can say the same for myself.

Today I’m linking up with for Behind the Scenes, a fun little link up where we tell the stories behind all those Pinterest-worthy photos.


5 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: Just Curious

  1. Lovely Kim, Im so glad your daughter is better and didn’t get seriously injured. So much truth we are curious by nature and its certainly not always a good thing. We live, learn, and grow but the scars left behind certainly leave a mark. Beautiful friend!

  2. So true. I’m even more pitiful because sometimes I KNOW it’s going to hurt me, but I still touch it … Thank God His mercies are new every morning.

  3. Wow…good reminders here. I so often let my curiosity get in the way of what I know is the right thing…thank you for sharing this. Glad your girl’s fingers are better, too. 🙂 Blessings and happy Tuesday, sweet friend!

  4. So glad your little one wasn’t hurt any worse. So many times we go to far with our curiosity that is hurts us. Thanks for the reminder for us to be careful.

  5. So glad she’s not badly hurt! My son once burned his hand on our stove by accident – horrible! Such a wonderful reminder, tying her curiosity to your own. So true. We are free, in Christ, to make certain choices in our lives, but we must always ask ourselves what our choices are doing to our faith and to the faith of those around us 🙂

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