Five Minute Friday: Belong

I’m taking 5 minutes before my day gets all crazy to write because it’s my favorite day – Friday!  I’m linking up with some of the best writers on the ‘net at to write wild and free on a one-word prompt.  Today it’s Belong, one of my favorite words.

I used to think I knew where I belonged.  In high school, I belonged with the slightly nerdy chorus and drama kids, and if you further distilled that group, I belonged with the MHS Singers who were above average in their test scores.  That’s where I fit, because you know that in high school it’s all about what box you’re in.

As a somewhat mature adult I know now that boxes are not for people, they’re for lovely presents in the mail, and I don’t just identify myself by what I do anymore.

When I moved to South Carolina from Tennessee a few years ago, I had a long period of time when I felt like a fish out of water.  I’d lived in Tennessee my whole life!  Sure the accents were the same, the weather was the same, but nothing else was.  For the first four years if you’d offered me a chance to move back to Tennessee I would have jumped at it.  But now South Carolina is my home.  The people there have welcomed us in like family and I know it’s where we belong.

And then there’s this online community that I’ve found.  The people are real, even though I’ve never physically touched any of them.  They’re open about their struggles and it lets me know it’s OK for me to be open too.  They’re encouragers, lifting me up in prayer and cheering me on when I doubt myself.  They’ve opened their virtual arms and welcomed me in to the party, and it feels like fitting the very last piece into a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle: satisfying and fulfilling, and now I’m able to see how I fit into the bigger picture, at least a little bit.  I know what it means to belong, and I  want to help others know that blessing.

Now it’s your turn!  Come play along and show us what you’ve got!


6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Belong

  1. Yip! I hear your heart about belonging in a box! But we were not created to live that way; we were created to belong to our Lord Jesus and until we do, our hearts will always be restless.
    Blessings XX

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