Behind the Scenes: Meet Mom


Meet my Mom.  Family historian, baby whisperer, beach-lover.  70-something year old kid at heart.  And so much more.

My Mama is the living embodiment of the proverb, “Still waters run deep”.  Just when I think I’ve got her figured out, she reveals something completely unexpected about herself.  And yet she’s quiet and uncomplaining about life in general, even though she’s had every right to complain sometimes, and she holds tight to her faith in God just as she has for as long as I can remember.

She’s totally in her element here.  I snapped her snapping pictures of my granddaughter, who is her great-granddaughter, so there’s a baby involved.  My Mama loves babies.  When they get to be around school age, she still loves them but she’s not quite as enthralled with older kids as she is with the babies.  She.  Just.  Cannot.  Get.  Enough.  Of.  Babies.

Also, we’re at the beach.  This particular beach is a special place for Mom because before my stepfather’s sudden death, the two of them came here a lot, often at a moment’s notice.  My mother lives 3 hours away from me in the opposite direction from the shoreline.  She does not drive over the mountains alone, so it takes some maneuvering to get her to my house, usually consisting of me driving to get her and bring her back (6 hours round trip each time), and she’s totally worth it.  But after you’ve driven 6 hours, it’s hard to muster up the energy and enthusiasm to drive another 4 to the beach.  When my younger girls were small we took several trips to the beach with my mother but somehow that stopped happening.  I did not realize it had been 5 years since my mother had been to the beach, but she did, once I asked her.

Finally, she’s got a camera in her hands.  In fact, if you look closely you can barely see the black of her camera bag strap around her neck.  She doesn’t go anywhere without that bag!  My Mama loves to take pictures, so I call her the family historian.  In this digital age, she doesn’t own a computer unless you count the old 1999 model we gave her 10 years ago, and don’t even talk to her about email.  Film cameras have mostly gone the way of the dinosaur so my Mama has changed along with the times and now uses a nice digital camera.  Since she can’t view her pictures on a computer, she uses a digital photo frame we bought her to view the pictures, and then she takes her memory card off to a store and prints out the pictures she likes.   It sounds like a complicated process, but as usual my mother does what she needs to do.

As we were out there on the beach that day in April (and it was chilly!), both Mom and I were taking pictures of the grandbaby and it occurred do me that so often she is on the back side of the camera and no one is taking pictures of her, so I swung my camera around and caught her in mid-shot.  What I wish I had done is take her picture the very first time we went to the beach on that trip so I could have captured the joy and the child-like excitement on her face.  Oh, she tries to act all grown up and dignified, but sometimes she just can’t hold it in and she carries around a grin as wide as… well, the ocean you see in the picture.

I feel like I should end this post with a pithy little “moral” to tie it all up in a nice neat little package, but I can’t think of any way to do that so I’ll leave you with this:  love your Mama.  Make sure to take care of her sometimes, whether it’s making time for a trip to the beach together, or taking her picture so you’ll remember that look on her face, or helping her to spend time with the babies, if that’s what she likes.  Appreciate her uniqueness and not just the ways you’re alike.  God put the two of you together, and you are His gift to each other.

Today I’m linking up with for our weekly trip Behind the Scenes, where we choose a photo and write about what you don’t see in it.  Check it out and come play with us!

10 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: Meet Mom

  1. “Love your mama,” is as good a moral as you could get. 🙂

    My father passed away very quickly and unexpectedly three months ago. He was our family photographer. In preparing for the memorial service, we were trying to do the thing with the big foam boards covered in pictures. It was sad how many boxes of photos we went through, and how few we found of him. He was always the one behind the camera.

    So ya. Take those opportunities to photograph the photographer.

  2. Beautiful post…and what a tribute to your mama. You are blessed to have each other. 🙂 Hope you are doing well, sweet friend…happy Tuesday to you!

  3. The way you wrapped up this post was perfect! I am blessed to have my mama here in town, and I am actually getting ready to pick her up to go to lunch right now! She couldn’t handle living in the house I grew up in after my dad passed away almost 2 years ago, so she lived with us for a little while until she found her own home. Being around her granddaughter helped her grieve, too! Love that you captured this moment with your mom!

  4. Beautiful tribute to your mom. I am feeling a little guilty because my mom only lives about 30 mins from me yet I don’t get, or should I say I don’t make the time to go see her as much as I should. Thank you fro sharing this memory today

  5. Just love it!! I keep trying to become a photographer, but it doesn’t seem to be my thing, so I just try to capture a few good memories… basically my behind the scenes post this week…
    Love the shot and the story

  6. As a mama who is almost always taking photos and never IN them, thank you for being intentional about capturing this shot 🙂 And thank you for loving your mama in such beautiful, practical ways!

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